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Vision Ears VE8 Review: The Almighty Flagship IEM

Earlier this year I embarked on a journey to experience the range of premium Vision Ears IEMs via an audition tour organized in my country. Vision Ears started the tour…
Vision Ears VE8-10

Earlier this year I embarked on a journey to experience the range of premium Vision Ears IEMs via an audition tour organized in my country. Vision Ears started the tour with two of their highly-acclaimed sets, the VE6XC, and the EVE20. Both of the sets helped me gain a vision of top-tier products with their absolutely brilliant performance. After the completion of the first tour, Vision Ears surprised us by sending their latest VE7 and the flagship VE8 towards us. When I first heard the VE6XC, I was pretty sure nothing can beat it. It is the audio nirvana, I loved that pair to my heart. But then came the VE7 which presented me with another level of neutral and balanced sound, simply magical. After the VE7, I was super excited to try the VE8, and then came my turn in the tour about ten days back.

Vision Ears VE8-1

Vision Ears VE8 is the absolute flagship IEM in the universal “VE” series of multi-BA IEMs by the brand. The pair is available in both universal as well as custom mold options, we got the sample for the universal design. VE8 as the name suggests features an 8-BA configuration on each side arranged together in a 3-way crossover(2xBass, 2xMids, 4xHighs). The pair is designed for serious listeners that take their music and audiophile journey seriously as it comes with a price tag of 2350 Euros. Is it really worth the asking price? How better is it compared to the VE6XC or VE7?? Well, Today you are getting answers to these questions. So before wasting any more time, let’s begin with today’s blog.


I received the sample for VE8 from Vision Ears as a part of the review tour. I got the pair for about 10-12 days with me during which I explored my music with it as my daily driver. All the impressions in this review are based on my own experience with the pair, they are not influenced or affected by Vision Ears or anyone else. I will ship the unit ahead to the next reviewer after writing this review.

If interested you can buy the VE8 from Vision Ears from their official website here:-

Things I received:-

>A metallic earphone case.

>One pair of Vision Ears VE8 IEMs.

>One pair of spinfit cp100 ear tips.

>2-pin cable with 3.5mm termination.

Design, Build Quality, Fit:-

In terms of shape and feel, VE8 is similar to its brothers VE6XC and VE7. The pair has resin shells with designer face covers and transparent inner cavities. One can see the multiple drivers, sound tubes, electronic crossover boards inside the cavity. The pair that I got has a beautiful combination of bright pink and blue for the faceplate and the inner cavity has a slight hint of purple shade to it. Both the earpieces have a VE8 branding logo printed on the face. Well look and design of such an IEM is always beautiful and customizable to one’s preferences. I personally like the universal design of VE8.

Vision Ears VE8-2

Similar to the look & design element, the pair is similar to VE6XC and VE7 in terms of fit and isolation too. I find the fit perfect with no comfort issues. As per personal preferences, I find the pair best with Symbio W tips better than the stock Spinfits.

Driving the Flagship VE8:-

Vision Ears VE8 isn’t a demanding set. It can be driven off a regular smartphone with a 3.5mm jack(Tested with Honor View 10). Obviously, the pair presents better resolution, better dynamics, and opens fully with better sources. Mainly I have used the VE8 with Shanling M3X and Cayin N6ii(A02 line out module)+xDuoo XD05 Bal. IMO VE8’s output is super good with the M3X. But the synergy this set creates with the N6ii stack is exceptional. Don’t worry about powering up the VE8, even a mid-range dap like the Shanling M3X is good to go with it. Critical listening for this review is done on N6ii+XD05 Bal Stack.

Vision Ears VE8-3

Sound Quality:-

Have you ever heard something that sounds so smooth that it feels like the IEM/HP is pouring the sound right into our heart, yeah you read that right, a connection directly from the ear to the heart. Well, that is what the almighty Vision Ears VE8 sounds like. It has a buttery smooth sound signature, I mean just play anything, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, EDM, Death metal, any genre of music, and the VE8 will present it so smoothly producing every single detail with great precision and clarity. It is similar to the VE6XC and VE7 only in terms of shape and design, the sound presented here is completely different. VE8 in all its glory has a slight U-shaped tuning with a slight emphasis on the lower end. I won’t say it’s the most neutral or balanced among the VE IEMs that I have tried(VE7 is that one if you are looking for such a signature), but it has a smooth charm to its sound that one won’t be able to put it down easily. This charm of VE8 is exceptional, I personally have never experienced such with any other IEMs I have tried to date.

VE8 makes you hold on to it with its fast & punchy bass, rich vocals, brilliantly detailed instruments, wide soundstage, all characteristics that make it a top performer. There’s no noticeable fatigue, sibilance, shoutiness, or harshness even at loud volumes. In fact, VE8 maintains its natural tone, timbre, and resolution at a high volume too.

Vision Ears VE8-4
Lower End/Bass:-

Vision Ears VE8 shows a slight emphasis on the lower spectrum of the frequency range. The pair produces a refined and tightly controlled lower end with deep hitting mid-bass slams and a powerful sub-bass rumble. The bass response is well-extended and goes deep. My nearest experience with a dynamic driver here would be CA Solaris that I bought last year(and sold a few months later), I would say Solaris might have a deeper approach but VE8’s bass has better texture and a more refined presentation. Even in complex tracks such as Billie Jean by MJ, one can hear every single beat with ultimate clarity and accuracy. If I have to nitpick, I would say even though the bass response is perfect, an extra bit of depth would’ve made it better.

Vision Ears VE8-5

Mids, the magic of Vision Ears is here. Each and every single IEM I have tried to date from the VE series, the mids are always exceptionally good. VE8 maintains that reputation with its well-separated instruments, natural vocals, and an overall airy presentation. Since I tried the VE6XC, the VE series has a special place in my heart for its vocal presentation, VE8 maintains that clarity, that rich natural tonality for both male and female vocals. I spent hours listening to Damien Rice, Listening to Cannonball, I can feel emotions in his voice complemented by a beautiful acoustic guitar in the background. VE8 also complements Pop tracks such as Love Story by Taylor Swift, Payphone by Maroon 5, or more. My favorite track, Hotel California by Eagles has a mesmerizingly beautiful presentation in the acoustic intro.

Vision Ears VE8-6
Treble/High Notes:-

As I stated earlier, VE8 maintains a smooth, non-fatiguing response throughout the frequency range. The pair has a good sparkle that makes the presentation energetic and lively. Complex tracks such as Points of Authority by Linkin Park, Snow(Hey Oh) by RHCP, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen where multiple layers of instruments and vocals are present at the same time, VE8 presents one with an excellent output where he/she can easily identify the placement of each instrument and voice accurately.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

Vision Ears VE8 has a wide soundstage presentation with a good sense of height and depth. It has a nice, soothing, airy presentation, one can feel the air moving on the stage. The set has impressive imaging, easily place anything in your sound on the stage precisely and accurately.

Some Comparisons:-

Vision Ears VE6XC Vs VE8:-
Vision Ears VE6XC-1

My first encounter with Vision ears was with VE6XC, I still have a place for that IEM in my heart. Both IEMs are identical in looks and shape, in terms of sound here’s my take:-

>VE6XC has a slight emphasis on the mids section while VE8 has an emphasized lower end.

>VE8 has better stage width, height, and depth.

>VE8 has better extensions at the lower and higher end.

>From my memory, VE6XC has slightly thicker vocals, VE8 has a more natural presentation.

>Overall dynamics such as transients, staging, imaging, are better with VE8.

Vision Ears VE7 vs VE8:-

Vision Ears VE7 is the most neutral-sounding IEM I have tried to date. Here’s my take between VE7 and VE8:-

Vision Ears VE7-1

>VE7 has a neutral tone, it’s kind of dead neutral, no frequency particularly emphasized, that might interest some people.

>VE7 can be considered as a studio monitoring set, while VE8 has a slight fun factor to it with emphasized lower end.

>Overall dynamics such as transient response, stage, and imaging are better with the VE8.

Vision Ears VE8-7

Final Words For The Vision Ears VE8:-

VE8, in my opinion, can be considered as a TOTL audio nirvana type IEM that one can get and be done with the purchase game(honestly if you have that much money). It does everything perfectly, presents everything perfectly that It’s super hard for me to pick any cons with the set. Though I would say one has to pay a really premium price for this. Coming to the questions with which we started today’s blog, Is VE8 worth the asking price?? We all know the law of diminishing returns apply after a particular price segment(1000$ for me), but VE8 has delivered me an experience like never before, after listening to countless IEMs, HPs to date, I would say VE8 is an extra-ordinary IEM available at an extra-ordinary price. I would like to thank Vision Ears for including me in the tour of this legendary pair!!

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