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Vision Ears VE7 Review: Neutral & Balanced!!

Last month I got to review two brilliant IEMs from the arsenal of Vision Ears, a premium boutique IEM brand based out of Germany, VE6XC, and VE EVE20. Both of…

Last month I got to review two brilliant IEMs from the arsenal of Vision Ears, a premium boutique IEM brand based out of Germany, VE6XC, and VE EVE20. Both of these were pretty wonderful, both in terms of looks as well as sound. While I loved the beautiful, lovely vocals of the VE6XC, the stage and dynamics of EVE20 were simply amazing. Today, I am bringing you the review for their latest installment, the Vision Ears VE7.

Vision Ears VE7-1

Vision Ears VE7 is the latest beauty in the classic, multi-BA lineup of Vision Ears. It is right below the flagship VE8, equipped with 7 custom-tuned balanced armature drivers on each side. VE has designed this pair with a 5-way frequency crossover, featuring 2 BA for bass, 2 BA for lower mids, one BA for mids, one BA for lower treble, and one BA for ultra-high frequencies. Similar to their line-up, the VE7 is available in both universal and custom variants. Vision Ears is a premium boutique brand, they offer properly customized earphones right from the looks to the mold. VE7 belongs to the high-tier classic Vision Ears range priced at around 1650 Euros.


I received this unit of VE7 as a part of a review tour organized by Vision Ears in my country. I just got this pair for around 8-10 days for this review, after which I am forwarding it to the next guy. All the impressions and views in this review are completely my own based on my own usage with the pair. I would like to thank Vision Ears for arranging this tour here and letting us explore their premium earphones. You can buy the VE7 from their website at the link below.

I got a sample unit from Vision Ears that came without its retail packaging, so I will be starting the review with the design & build quality of the pair.

Design & Build Quality:-

This is the universal variant of the VE7 featuring a seamless unibody cavity design. The faceplates have a shiny, colorful patch pattern design. Each faceplate has a unique design with a slight bit of difference in patch arrangement from the other. The inner cavity is Blue in color. It is translucent in nature, one can easily see the internal placement of the drivers when the pair is lit properly. Two-pin connectors are located at the top of the earpieces, they are better than VE6XC. In the VE6XC they were tight and it was difficult to remove the cable from the earpieces. Both the earpieces have their unit number printed on the inner side. VE7 has that well-finished, premium feel that I experienced with my previous interactions with the Vision Ears(VE6XC and EVE20). To me, VE7 looks even better than the VE6XC and EVE20. And this is just the universal variant. Vision Ears also allows for easy customization of the design and look of the pair.

Vision Ears VE7-2
Vision Ears VE7-3

Fit & Noise Isolation:-

With the VE7, Vision Ears included Symbio W tips for me. The pair is very lightweight, it sits perfectly into the ears. Previously with the EVE20 I personally felt the earpiece to be quite long that might give fit issues to people with small ears, but that’s not the case with VE7. It has similar ergonomics to that of VE6XC, sits perfectly into the ears covering the entire ear canal. I find it has a very comfortable fit with good noise isolation. Lightweight aesthetics allow for long listening sessions without fatigue.

Driving the VE7:-

Vision Ears VE7 is quite a sensitive pair. It has a low impedance rating of just 12 ohms and high sensitivity of 112dB. It can be driven straight off your smartphones without any particular need for hi-res devices. Though as always I recommend and personally use hi-res audio players of DAC/AMPs for the best experience. VE7 I have tested with several devices including Honor View 10 smartphone, Shanling M3X DAP, and xDuoo XD05 Bal DAC/AMP.

Vision Ears VE7-4

While it ran pretty nice straight off the View 10 smartphone but with the M3X and XD05 BAL VE7 definitely showed better dynamics and extensions at both ends. I personally loved its pairing with the XD05 Bal as the tonality and dynamics sounded perfect. For M3X the pair ran off at 25/100 volume on high-gain, and on XD05 BAL it ran at 1/9 volume on low gain.

Sound Impressions:-

If you have read my review for VE6XC, I was simply mesmerized by its vocal performance. It presented super smooth vocals that conveyed a great sense of emotions of the singer. Does the VE7 excel that in performance??

Well, to be honest, it was too much to ask for, yet the VE7 delivers. It delivers the excellent performance that Vision Ears IEMs are known for. The VE7 is tuned for clarity and neutrality, and it delivers that. It has a super smooth neutral sound signature where everything has a balanced and excellently layered presentation. The pair maintains that vocal emotion of VE6XC and improves the overall output with a better treble presentation and a wider soundstage. VE7 produces our music with ultimate precision and clarity, one can easily identify different instruments being played on the stage even in complex tracks such as Californication by RHCP or Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Vision Ears VE7 overall has a neutral and balanced sound signature that is presented with ultimate clarity and resolution. Vocals maintain a rich, lush feel to them, complemented by a sparkly and energetic treble.

Vision Ears VE7-5

Vision Ears VE7 has a good body and slams in the lower end. It has a quick, punchy presentation with good speed and decay. What I personally feel is the depth could’ve been better but that might bring an emphasis on the lower end. Currently, it maintains a good balance with the other frequencies, coming in with a good slam whenever required. The sub-bass portion also maintains a good rumble and tight control within its region. The lower-end quantity might not be much here with the VE7, But its quality is top-notch.


With its glorious mids, the VE7 is the star shine of IEMs I have tried so far. They maintain a neutral tonality with beautiful, charming vocals that keeps one hold on to the pair. When I heard the VE6XC I never expected something can present the mids better. But here I am listening to the VE7 that has a better sense of stage and air while maintaining the same lovely tonality of the VEV6XC.  Listening to music with the VE7 is a whole different experience thanks to its super smooth mids. Both the male and female vocals have that emotion that I love.


VE7 maintains a good sparkle and energy level with the high frequencies to the extent that they are very enjoyable yet sound smooth and non-fatiguing. You can simply listen to the pair for countless hours and won’t get tired at all. The Treble portion here has better airiness and extensions in comparison to the VE6XC. The VE7 definitely trumps that one out with its performance. The pair performs exceptionally well in complex tracks. Different instruments have a well-layered presentation with a good sense of space and air between them.

Soundstage & Instrument Separation:-

Vision Ears VE7 has a wide soundstage presentation. It is definitely wider in comparison to VE6XC, though depth and height feel more or less the same in both models. Instrument separation, Imaging, and layering are a definite improvement with a better sense of air and space providing a more detailed presentation with the VE7.

Vision Ears VE7-6

A Short Comparison Between VE6XC and VE7:-

VE6XC is currently my favorite set by Vision Ears. The pair produced some of the best vocals I personally have ever heard in an IEM. Not to mention the accurate tonality and precise detailing. But how well does it compare with the VE7?? Well, here are my thoughts on this matter.

Vision Ears VE7-7

>Both have a matching natural tonality.

>VE7 has a neutral signature with no particular emphasis on any frequency, comparatively, VE6XC has a slight focus on the Mid-frequency segment.

>Vocals on both the VE6XC and VE7 are fantastic, I would say VE7 keeps up with the vocal performance of the VE6XC amazingly well.

>VE6XC has a punchier bass, VE7 has a more neutral approach for the lower end.

>Treble performance, detailing, extension I feel VE7 has a better-extended presentation here.

If I have to choose one among the two, hmmmm I would choose the VE7 for its neutral signature and a natural tone that will complement most of the genres. No, the VE6XC isn’t a bad set, TBH the difference between VE7 and VE6XC isn’t that huge.

Vision Ears VE7-8

Final Words:-

Vision Ears, This brand is now on my list of top performers. Earlier I was planning on getting a unit of VE6XC for myself, but after hearing the VE7 for a while I am getting inclined towards this beauty right here. This is one of the most neutral and balanced sounding IEM I have heard to date that produces excellent minute details and has a buttery smooth presentation. If asked about cons, I would say an extra bit of punch in the lower end would’ve made this sell my kidneys today!! But that’s just me nitpicking 🙂 

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