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Vision Ears VE6XC Review: Smoothness Has A New Name!!

Vision Ears is a premium In-Ear Monitors manufacturing brand based in Germany. They have garnered high praises among serious audiophiles for their brilliantly crafted and excellent-sounding sets. They also cater…
Vision Ears VE6XC-10

Vision Ears is a premium In-Ear Monitors manufacturing brand based in Germany. They have garnered high praises among serious audiophiles for their brilliantly crafted and excellent-sounding sets. They also cater to the requirements of custom-designed IEMs in all of their sets including their entry-level VE2 and their flagship VE Elysium. I got the opportunity to test their VE6XC set that is their second to the top in multi-BA IEM sets. Today I am gonna share my review for this beautiful IEM that I have spent a past week with. So let’s begin.

Vision Ears VE6XC-1


I am a part of a review tour organized by Vision Ears in my country. All the opinions in this review are based on my personal usage with the pair over the past week. You can check out the VE6XC on their website here.

Also would like to thank Vision Ears for sending customized gifts for each member of the tour that includes SpinFits ear tips, earpiece pouch, pen, and just a few other things.

Vision Ears VE6XC-2

Vision Ears VE6XC:-

Vision Ears has three different variants of its six BA driver IEM, the VE6X1, VE6X2, and the VE6XC. The VE6X1 and the VE6X2 have a slight bit of difference in the tuning profile with one presenting a slightly punchier lower end. The VE6XC or as the brand calls it VE6 Xtra Control is equipped with a switch on the face panel that allows for switching between the X1 and X2 sound profiles. VE6 range starts from 1350€ with VE6X1 and X2 while the VE6XC starts at 1750€. These are the universal design prices custom variants cost 200€ more.

I received only the IEMs without the retail packaging so I will start with the design and build quality directly.

Design & Build Quality:-

I have used many IEMs so far from various brands such as Empire Ears, Campfire Audio, Meze, and so on, but nothing has ever come close to how beautiful the VE6XC right here is. The pair is made up of transparent resin shells with customized face panels. The face panels look simply gorgeous, sparkly purple finish on the right one and sparkly green on the left. Both the earpieces have VE6 printed in silver chrome on the face panels with an XC switch on the corner. The ear nozzle is quite long but doesn’t provide any issues in comfort.

Vision Ears VE6XC-3

One can easily see the neat placement of multiple BA drivers through the transparent inner cavity. The electronic crossover board is also visible near the nozzle. There are two acoustic tubes coming from the drivers to the ear nozzle. I personally loved the customized glittery face panels. If I ever go on buying anything from them, I would look for such a beautiful eye-catchy set.

Vision Ears VE6XC-4

The included cable is a four-wire braided cable with two wires for each side. They have rounded covers near the connectors that allow for a firm fit. One thing is there that the connectors fit tightly to the earpieces, I received the unit connected to the cable, and believe me it’s hard to remove the connectors.

Vision Ears VE6XC-5

As I stated earlier, the VE6XC is one of the best-looking and well-built pair of IEMs I have come across so far in my audiophile journey. The glittery finish on this particular unit adds a charming design to them that I just can’t resist. To be very honest, I am already trying to manage funds and ordering something like this from them in near future.

Fit, Ear Tips, & Noise Isolation:-

The VE6XC comes stock with SpinFit CP100 ear tips. I got them inside my goodies pack too. But SpinFit CP100 never gave me satisfactory fit or isolation levels. So I used it with bass pair of ear tips from the FiiO FD5 package. The fit is simply perfect, thanks to the ergonomic design and lightweight aesthetic of the pair. Both the earpieces sit firmly into my ears and cover my ear canal completely providing a very good level of Noise Isolation. Though I must say sometimes the fit created a vacuum feeling in my ears that I didn’t like (With Spinfit CP100 tips).

Vision Ears VE6XC-6

Driving the Vision Ears VE6XC:-

The Vision Ears VE6XC can be powered very easily. I tried the pair right off my smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with a really acceptable output at like 70% of the volume on my smartphone. When I plugged it into the Cayin N3 Pro the results, the dynamics were even better. The topping E30+L30 stack also provided an excellent source with too much power for the VE6XC. Here are my impressions of the pairings I tried.

With Cayin N3 Pro:-

I feel an extra touch of warmth and thickness in the vocals. Extensions on both the lower and higher end are pretty good, instrument separation and tonality are just perfect. Never had to go above 40 volume on Medium gain mode here. When I switched to Solid State Timbre, the extra bit of warmth and thickness is not there but still, the pair sound exceptionally good.

With Topping E30+L30:-

This stack is quite powerful for VE6XC, at a medium gain(0dB) I never had to go above 30% volume for the set. The combination here is cleaner than that with the Tube mode of N3 Pro but has similar dynamics in terms of layering, separation, and staging.

Vision Ears VE6XC-7

In my experience with the pair, the VE6 can be enjoyed completely on its own with regular smartphones but as always I prefer using Hi-Res players and DAC/AMP devices for the best possible audio decoding and quality. For the purpose of this review, critical listening is mostly done with Cayin N3 Pro on its Tube mode and occasionally on Solid-State mode too.

Sound Quality:-

Vision Ears VE6XC is not just impressive in sound quality, it is actually one of the finest and smoothest sounding sets of IEMs I have come across so far. I mean it sounds just perfect, the vocals precisely showcase the emotions of the vocalists, the bass has a rich refined texture that makes every impact hits right into our soul, and the list of its praises goes on and on. The bass here is not the fastest one can I have heard but it sounds so clean that I can feel the texture of every drum kick.  What I loved the most here are the interesting vocals, both male and female vocals sound so rich and clean I am like losing my shit listening to such lovely vocals. Even High-pitched voices like those in operatic music never lose their texture or refinement.

Instrument separation and tonality are just excellent, one could easily feel the weight of every string being stuck on a guitar or every key being pressed on a piano. Separation is just outstanding even in complex tracks such as Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones, Loving the set too much!!

Here are the frequency-wise separate impressions.

Lower End/Bass:-

As I stated earlier, the bass with VE6XC might not be the fastest but its quality is so rich and refined that every single beat leaves its impact. Bass goes deep with great extension hitting hard with every beat. The pair complements the mid and high-frequencies with its complementing bass response. Sub-bass is something I feel like could be expressed more with some extra rumble or power, but all in all the lower end maintains a tight and clean response.


Only one word here, extra-ordinary. It feels like I am listening to vocals for the very first time. Vocals in my opinion are one of the main attractions of this pair, they are presented with ultimate clarity and refinement. I got goosebumps listening to Damien Rice’s voice in The Blower’s Daughter not to mention the well-detailed guitar strings behind the vocals. Rihanna leaves her lovely voice with me with beautiful Piano in her song Unfaithful.

Treble Frequencies:-

VE6XC has a buttery smooth and sparkly treble frequency presentation. I won’t call it bright in nature, it is fairly on the neutral side. Give the pair any complex track it will show its strengths with brilliantly detailed instruments and its pure class airiness, imaging, & layering characteristics. Its smooth texture brings out amazing layering and instrument details even in complex tracks such as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Loving the micro details refined reproduction with the pair.


Vision Ears VE6XC has an intimate presentation. The soundstage isn’t super wide rather it has a more lively and immersive approach. Precisely detailed instruments also allow the pair to achieve outstanding imagining capabilities.

Vision Ears VE6XC-8

XControl Switch:-

As per Vision Ears representative, the XControl switch present on both the earpieces lets the user switch between the X1 and X2 variants of the VE6. In my experience with the pair, the switch application is there but it is hard to notice. I listened to several tracks sometimes even with one earpiece on one side switch and the other on the other side. The only difference I have noticed during my 40-50 hours of use with the pair is that on one side the bass/lower end shows extra punchiness. Hits are deeper and more impactful.

Some Comparisons:-

VE6XC Vs CA Solaris:-

Solaris is something that I have owned previously and have a memory of its sound as I owned it for a few months. So here is my comparison of VE6XC with CA Solaris:-

>Solaris’s bass has a faster response while VE6XC’s bass has a more refined texture.

>Mids and Treble extensions of VE6XC are way above Solaris’s response.

>Solaris would sound too bright compared to the neutral VE6XC here.

>Tone definition and instrument clarity of VE6XC are out of this world.

Vision Ears VE6XC-9

Final Words:-

I don’t have words to express how I feel about the VE6XC. Yes, it costs like 2000Euros, but man the neutral, lively, and refined presentation of this pair is simply out of this world. It’s like the perfect pair with beautiful looks, smooth, transparent signature, and vocals to literally die for!! I am looking forward to saving up and seriously grab something from Vision Ears in the near future, It is highly possible I get the VE6 itself 😊. If you are looking to grab something like an endgame with a smooth and neutral presentation I would recommend you to check out the VE6 once.

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