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Vocals are an important part of any song.  While the music itself conveys the feelings and emotions in a song, Vocals tend to create a connection with the listener. We actually create a connection with vocals in our native or known languages. There are some IEMs in the market that does vocals like nothing else, pure, full-bodied, emotional, charming vocals that are there to die for. Our blogger Timmy Vangtan recently did a cover on the top 10 IEMs that present the best vocals as per his experience. He has arranged a list of the best 10 IEMs based on his experience that offers the best vocal experience for the users. The good thing is he has done this across different price segments, so for users looking for a vocal-centric IEM in their budget, Timmy has got you covered. Be sure to check it out completely. For our readers, today we are sharing what Timmy has shared in his video. So, without further ado, let’s begin.


We will mention some of the highlights from his complete review here for you(Do note that some points are slightly adjusted for better clarity in the written form). You can also watch his complete review on his Youtube channel from the link below.

Tin T2:-

Price: 49.99$.

Timmy first listened to the Tin T2 when he was new to the hobby, and even after years of experience in the audiophile world when he went back to the T2, he really liked it. As per him, the T2 has a charming, forward midrange with a rolled-off lower end. Since the bass region isn’t distracting at all, you get to explore the charming midrange. If you want a true mid-range experience without any other coloration, the Tin T2 is a great introduction to that type of tuning at an attractive price. You can purchase it from here.

Tin T2-1

Tin T4:-

Price: 99.99$.

Tin T4 is among the top-3 IEMs of Timmy under the 100$ price range. As per Timmy, the upper midrange energy, the treble energy in this IEM makes female vocals stand out and shine. It brings female vocals more forward. It’s not shouty, it’s not aggressive, It’s just more engaging. For male vocals, the T4 has more natural as well but female vocals just outshine everything else. If you listen to K-Pop, J-Pop, Anime Soundtracks, or any other soundtracks with female vocals in lead, the Tin T4 for 100$ is just the best choice. You can purchase it from here.

TIn T4

See Audio Yume:-

Price: 169$.

Yume is among the favorites of Timmy simply because the vocals with this IEM are so natural and so real. It’s just buttery smooth to hear. The midrange is the best thing with Yume, it presents the users with an outstanding mid-range response. Yume does the vocals and instruments really well, but if you are a bass head or a treble head you might not enjoy this as much. Purchase here.

See Audio Yume

Moondrop Kato:-

Price: 189.99$.

Timmy loves the Kato as one of the best from Moondrop in the budget. As per him, Kato is better than their previous single Dynamic IEMs including Aria, Starfields, KXXS especially in the upper midrange,  treble energy, detail retrieval. Kato doesn’t have as natural vocal presentation as the Yume, but it has a more cohesive vocal experience while not sacrificing on the other frequencies. Bang for your buck if you are looking for an all-rounder IEM around the 200$ price range. Purchase here.

Moondrop Kato

Moondrop Blessing 2 Dusk:-

Price: 329.99$.

The Blessing 2 Dusk provides the users with a well-rounded experience while keeping crisp and natural vocals. According to Timmy, For 330$, the Blessing 2 Dusk is a no-brainer. You can also choose the OG Blessing 2 that has a slightly less low end while maintaining the same natural vocal and mid-range response. For 300$, the Blessing 2 and the Blessing 2 Dusk are among the best IEMs out there.

Blessing 2 Dusk


Price: 549.99$.

This is a really gorgeous set of in-ear monitors, It sounds simply fantastic. DUNU SA6 has a similar tuning to the QDC Anole VX.  According to Timmy, the DUNU SA6 does vocals a little bit more pleasing than the Anole VX. Timmy loves the upper midrange energy on this set, it’s just super smooth. DUNU SA6 blows up your mind with its ultimate performance. Purchase here.


Thieaudio Oracle:-

Price: 539$.

Oracle is an amazing set with lovely, natural vocals that are presented with crisp detailed clarity. Thieaudio Oracle is just downright beautiful, Balanced, Natural, Near immaculately done. It seems like Timmy likes the Thieaudio Oracle the most in its respective price segment. According to him when the Oracle is priced at 500$, it delivers a performance similar to a 1000$ product.

Thieaudio Oracle

Softears RSV:-

Price: 729.99$.

This does everything the Thieaudio Oracle does but with a better bass response. So if you are looking for something that sounds natural and detailed and at the same time presents you with a lovely vocal performance. With an extended bass response, the Softears RSV has more fun and engaging sound compared to the Oracle. Purchase here.

Softears RSV-1

64Audio u12t:-

Price: 1999$.

This is a super lovely set with a whooping 12 BA configuration. It is super technical, has really good bass, and surprising for an all-BA set, it doesn’t have BA Timbre. This set even though has an all-BA configuration delivers the best bass response. For vocals, this pair is tuned in a neutral, natural manner. With no BA Timbre, the vocal experience is quite phenomenal. According to Timmy, every single song he heard on the 64Audio U12t sounds natural, engaging, with a lot of fun elements in the bass as well. As a bonus, this set is also highly resolving. 64 Audio U12t lives up to the hype in every way imaginable.

64audio U12t

Thieaudio Monarch Mark II:-

Price: 999$.

According to Timmy, this is among the best IEMs he has tried to date. As per him, he has never heard any IEM that is so cohesive and so balanced. It doesn’t feel like it has a hybrid driver configuration, in fact, it sounds as if the Monarch MK II has a single powerful driver that does everything well. It has the bass of a dynamic driver, it has the details of a full BA set, the details, the resolution, the sharp attack, and decay of the midrange are presented really well. At the same time, the ThieAudio Monarch MK II has the best implementation of EST drivers. There is no sibilance, there is no harshness with the Monarch MK 2. As per him, the treble region is tuned to near perfection with the Monarch Mark II. Monarch Mark II is just something that is butter for the ears, it sounds so smooth. Overall, This is the best and most cohesive experience that Timmy has ever had in an IEM.

Thieaudio Monarch Mark II

Well, this wraps it up for Timmy. These are his top 10 favorites IEMs for Vocal. The list includes everything from starting entry-level segment with Tin T2 and goes to the 64 Audio U12t at the top end. Do visit us at our YouTube channel and check out more video reviews by Timmy!!


Top Ten IEMs With Outstanding Vocal Performance!!

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