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Top Nine Bass IEMs: Chosen Specifically For Powerful Bass Lovers

Are you a Basshead/Heavy Bass Lover?? Do you love the thick, full-bodied bass response that leaves an impact with every single beat in your music?? Well if you are a…
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Are you a Basshead/Heavy Bass Lover?? Do you love the thick, full-bodied bass response that leaves an impact with every single beat in your music?? Well if you are a deep bass lover, then this blog is written just for you. A few weeks back, Timmy Vangtan our Video Blogger released a list of Top Nine of his favorite IEMs that deliver a delicious bass response. These nine IEMs are hand-selected by Timmy based on his experience with countless IEMs to date. Taking his words into consideration, These Nine IEMs deliver the most satisfying lower-end response in their respective price segments. The best thing here is that he has chosen these across different price segments, so whatever your budget might be, Timmy has a recommendation for you!! Without any further ado, let’s begin!!


We will be mentioning the list of Top Nine Bass Head IEMs as arranged by Timmy Vangtan. This list is completely chosen by Timmy based on his own experience with the said IEMs. We have slightly adjusted a few points for better clarity in the written form. Do follow our channel on Youtube for regular videos related to HiFi audio gear. You can also check his Video on Top Bass IEMs on our channel from the link below.

FiiO FH3:-

Price: 149.99$.

This is an excellent hybrid driver set from FiiO that produces fun and engaging sound. It has a V-shaped sound tuning with a powerful lower-end especially in the sub-bass region. It has a decently detailed treble area too with slightly recessed mid-range. And again you get to experience a wide soundstage here with this set. FiiO’s triple-driver hybrid FH3 has a very attractive price tag of just around a hundred dollars. Full bang for buck product!! You can purchase it from here.

FiiO FH3-1


Price: 180$.

IKKO OH10 is also a fun-sounding set with an immersive sound performance. The pair delivers an outstanding lower-end response with powerful sub-bass. The sub-bass with OH10 is so powerful that one can feel the rumbling onto their chest. For a V-shaped set, the OH10 delivers a quality treble region as well. The detail-retrieval with the OH10 is excellent.


Tanchjim Oxygen:-

Price: 279.99$.

Tanchjim’s single-dynamic driver IEM, the Tanchjim Oxygen delivers a neutral sound with elevated bass response. The pair has one of the best mid-bass presentations in its segment, one gets to experience well-textured, deep-hitting slams in the mid-bass region that introduces fun to your Hip-Hop, EDM, and other genres of music. The mid-bass with the Tanchjim Oxygen leaves its impact with every single track you listen to with the pair. Purchase the Tanchjim Oxygen from here.

Tanchjim Oxygen-1

7Hz Timeless:-

Price: 224.99$.

The latest talk of the town, the latest Planar Magnetic In-Ear Monitor from the house of 7Hz, the well-recognized Timeless gets a spot in Timmy’s list of best Bassy IEMs. Timeless packs a punch with its super-fast lower-end response. The details in the lower-end region is simply top-notch. You can hear every single nuance in the lower end with this precious set, you will feel every single beat in the lower-end region with utmost clarity. Even with such a heavy lower-end response, the pair maintains good clarity for the other frequencies!! Purchase the 7Hz Timeless from here.

7hz Timeless-1

Moondrop Variations:-

Price: 520$.

According to Timmy, The Moondrop Variations is a sub-bass monster with a super clean separation between the lower-end and mid-range frequencies. It’s a fantastic pair that is so well-tuned as it delivers a super clean sound performance. With its clean presentation, users can listen to every single detail in their music with utmost clarity. This beautiful pair of tribrid in-ear monitors complement multiple genres of music with its highly-detailed yet smooth sound signature. Stating Timmy’s words, Surely Bass is the highlight of Moondrop Variations, the pair is capable of producing an analytical sound that pleases everyone. Purchase the Moondrop Variations from here.

Moondrop Variations-1

Thieaudio Monarch:-

Price: 729$.

Thieaudio Monarch is like a bigger version of the Moondrop Variations type of sound. This powerful pair presents its users with powerful sub-bass in a cleaner manner. The overall punchiness, slam in the lower-end is remarkable with the Thieaudio Monarch. Pretty sure you are gonna groove to the excellent lower end with the pair. Even with such a powerful lower-end response, the Thieaudio Monarch has better technical performance, better detail retrieval, and a natural mid-range response. In simple words, Users are gonna enjoy the Thieaudio Monarch.  

Thieaudio Monarch-1

Kinera Nanna 2.0:-

Price: 899$.

Kinera Nanna 2.0 is amongst the top-three favorite IEMs of Timmy for bass lovers. Nanna 2.0 has a buttery smooth yet decently-detailed bass section. According to Timmy, the Kinera Nanna 2.0 produces grand sub-bass and mid-bass regions. It delivers one of the most enjoyable sound signatures in this list with its excellent lower-end response. Timmy simply loves this flagship from Kinera, it has a place in his all-time favorite IEMs. If you want a powerful lower-end response, the Kinera Nanna 2.0 is among the best ones. Purchase the latest Kinera Nanna 2.0 from here.

Kinera Nanna-1

64 Audio U12t:-

Price: 1999$.

Coming to the top two IEMs in Timmy’s list, the first is the multi-BA IEM from 64 audio, the U12T. This is the best BA one can get from an IEM, It is astonishing how strong and clean this set sounds. The U12T is a neutral-sounding IEM with powerful lower-end tuning. The lower-end with the pair lets one groove to the beats of their favorite music. It is not only just clean but also has a fast, punchy presentation. According to Timmy, the U12T is also among the top-performer IEMs for different genres. Not just the lower-end, the flagship U12T produces a natural midrange with a strong treble region, simply an all-around set. To put it in simpler words, Timmy mentioned the bass response of 64 Audio U12T as a godly bass response.

64 Audio U12t

Sony Z1R:-

Price: 1999.99$.

If you want Bass, by far the best bass response in an IEM is found in Sony’s latest Z1R flagship in-ear monitors. It has the most natural feeling Treble region ever, it has the best-textured bass response, It has the best slams in the mid-range segment, it produces the best level of rumbles in the sub-bass region, in simpler words, The Z1R is the god of bass in IEMs. Even with such a powerful lower-end response, the Z1R surprisingly manages to produce the best level of details in the other frequencies as well(especially in the treble region). Overall, the Sony Z1R delivers the most immersive, most detailed, and most powerful bass response in IEMs. This is the best IEM when it comes to Basshead performance from IEMs, a true flagship set!!

Sony IER Z1r-1

Well, this is it, these above-mentioned IEMs are Timmy’s personal recommendation for bass lovers. He has personally handpicked these powerful IEMs that delivers unmatched performance when it comes to deep-hitting bass response. Sony’s flagship Z1R is his ultimate recommendation for Bassheads all around the world!!! For more HiFi audio-related News and Blogs do follow us on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Subscribe to our Youtube for HiFi audio content.

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