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Tin HiFi Announces T5 Latest Single DD IEMs

Tin HiFi also known as Tin Audio has always been a trusted brand for many of us audiophiles. They have been manufacturing some really good products at affordable prices such…
Tin HiFi T5-5

Tin HiFi also known as Tin Audio has always been a trusted brand for many of us audiophiles. They have been manufacturing some really good products at affordable prices such as the Tin Audio T2, T2 Plus, T3, T4, and their Premium Planar Magnetic range the P1 and P2 are also exceptionally good IEM sets. Tin HiFi has now launched another IEM in the “T” series, the all-new Tin HiFi T5.

Tin HiFi T5-1

Meet The All-New Tin HiFi T5:-

The T5 is the sixth IEM in the award-winning “T” series after, T2, T2 Plus, T3, T4, and T1. Actually, the “T” series by Tin HiFi is aimed at the budget, more affordable price range continuing with the latest T5 priced at just 129$. It features a newly-developed DOC(based on DLC) Diaphragm material in a 10mm dynamic driver cavity. Tin HiFi has also redesigned the looks of the “T” series with the latest T5 having more ergonomic, curvy shells rather than the sharp bullet-shaped previous models. The pair is available to purchase from various online stores such as HiFiGo, and more.

Tin HiFi T5-2


>Newly-Developed DOC Diaphragm Dynamic Driver.

>Refined, Punchy, Lively Sound Signature.

>Rich Accessories, premium carry case, high-quality ear tips.

>Kevlar-Plated High-Quality Cable.

>Aluminium Alloy Ear Shells.

>Impedance: 48Ω±15%.

>Sensitivity: 103dB±1dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-20kHz.

>Max Distortion: 1%@1kHz.

>Gold-Plated 2-pin connectors.

>High-purity Oxygen-Free-Copper cable with 200D Kevlar plating.

Tin HiFi T5-3

Newly-Developed DOC Diaphragm Material:-

Tin HiFi T5 features a 10mm dynamic driver unit with newly-developed DOC diaphragm material. It is similar to the traditionally used DLC diaphragm material but is now up to 60% thinner, more rigid, and stronger. According to the brand, it improves the acoustic performance of the pair with a better lower-end response, cleaner mids, and sparkly, non-fatiguing treble response.

Premium Aluminum Alloy Shells:-

T5 is the first pair in the “T” series by Tin Hifi to feature ergonomic ear shells designed utilizing machine learning strategies to design a perfect fitting IEM. It matches every curvature of the typical human ear providing a more ergonomic and comfortable fit for most users than any of the models before. The shells are made using aviation-grade aluminum alloy material with a premium titanium finish.

Highly-Detailed Signature Over A Wide Frequency Response Range:-

The DOC diamond diaphragm unit achieves a completely linear frequency response achieving detailed and excellent response to minute details and strong dynamic contrast. It also allows the mid-frequency to be completely coherent with the upper and lower end, creating a transparent texture and balanced sound for the users. It pushes the split vibration frequency to a high level providing a high-detailed, punchy sound performance over a wide frequency response range.

Kevlar-Plated Oxygen-Free Copper Cable:-

Tin Hifi T5 comes bundled with a 40/0.05 high-purity Oxygen-Free-Copper cable with Kevlar 200D plating to achieve complete electrical isolation and high-quality audio signal transmission. It is an extremely lightweight, tangle-free 4-core cable that provides the best audio quality performance with the Tin Hifi T5.

Tin HiFi T5-4

With the Tin HiFi T5, the latest DOC Diaphragm Driver, newly-designed aluminum alloy ear shells, The pair is looking pretty solid. It surely increases the price range of the series from 79$ for the T4 to 129$ for the T5, Let’s hope it receives nothing but positive feedbacks like its predecessors and be a huge success in the market.

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