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Shanling Welcomes MG600 IEMs & M7 Digital Audio Players To Their Lineup

Shanling has been a pioneer brand in the HiFi audio industry from China. They have been in the business for years gaining expertise in premium HiFi audio gears. This month,…
Shanling M7 MG600-1

Shanling has been a pioneer brand in the HiFi audio industry from China. They have been in the business for years gaining expertise in premium HiFi audio gears. This month, Shanling has announced two new upcoming products, the first one is a high-end premium Android Digital Audio Player, the Shanling M7, and the second one is a brand new single-dynamic driver IEM, the Shanling MG600. Both the products will be launched in the upcoming month of May. Let’s share some more details about both of them.

Shanling M7:-

With a price tag of 1249$, the upcoming Shanling M7 is a younger sibling to the current flagship M9 in Shanling’s Lineup. Actually the M7 shares several different functions and features with the flagship M9 such as a faster CPU, single-piece aluminum body, single-board integrated acoustic design. Even in terms of design, both the M7 and M9 look quite identical with M7 being a little bit compact. Shanling has featured the flagship ES9038Pro Sabre DAC chipset on the M7. The player delivers high-quality sound performance with crisp PCM, DSD, and MQA signal decoding. Shanling M7 has an in-house developed amplification circuit that produces a powerful signal amplification, making the M7 an ideal choice. It is designed with a Snapdragon 665 CPU and 6GB of RAM. The player comes loaded with the latest Android 10 OS bringing you support of countless applications in the Google Playstore. Shanling M7 is currently available on pre-order at a price of 1249$. Shipments are supposed to begin in May.

Shanling M7-1


>Premium ES9038Pro flagship DAC chipset.

>Amplification circuit: ADA4896x2+MUSE8920+OPA2211+BUF634.

>Powerful output thrust.

>Clean and detailed sound presentation.

>True Hi-Res decoding(PCM 32Bit/768kHz, DSD512, 16x MQA).

>Dual headphone outputs(3.5mm SE+4.4mm Bal).

>5” full-HD 1080P display.

>High-Res Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity(LDAC+LHDC+APTX HD and more).

>Open Android 10 OS.

>Multiple application support.

>Lightning fast performance with powerful SoC chip.

>Large 7000mAh battery.

>Battery Life: up to 10 hours in single-ended mode, up to 8.5 hours in balanced mode.

Shanling MG600:-

With the latest Shanling MG600, Shanling is entering into the world of single dynamic driver IEMs. The pair features a 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver that has an aluminum-magnesium alloy dome structure. This dome structure enables the pair to achieve a smoother, detailed treble response. Shanling has specially designed solid-stabilized Maple Wood ear shells for the MG600 earphones. Each and every shell has a unique look of its own with a beautiful combination of different shades of blue and gold colors. MG600 will be launched officially in May with a price tag of 599$. Currently, the MG600 is also available on pre-order.

Shanling MG600-1


>Stabilised Maple Wood Shell.

>10mm Dynamic driver with Aluminium magnesium dome.

>Carbon fiber composite diaphragm.

>Ultra-light weight design.

>Semi-open acoustic design.

>Warm & Smooth Sound tuning.

>Single-Crystal copper wire.

>Modular plug design(3.5mm/2.5mm/4.4mm).

>MMCX connectors.

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