See Audio Yume II IEM Review: Stunning Looks, Musical, Punchy Sound!!

Back in 2020, See Audio debuted in the International market with their very first pair of in-ear monitors, the See Audio Yume. I myself got a chance to audition the…

Back in 2020, See Audio debuted in the International market with their very first pair of in-ear monitors, the See Audio Yume. I myself got a chance to audition the beauty, and absolutely loved it for its rich midrange presentation. Fast forward to today in 2022, See Audio has released a successor to the three-driver hybrid with the release of the Yume II. The shells have been updated from resin to metal and the internals have also got updated drivers for improved sound performance.

I happen to get my hands on a set of Yume II that I have enjoyed thoroughly for the past few weeks. It reminds me very much of the OG Yume with its lovely midrange but this time we also have an improved lower-end response. Today with this blog, I am going to bring you guys a review for the amazing Yume II, so without wasting any more time, let’s begin!!

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A Short Disclaimer Before I Begin:-

The Yume 2 was provided to me as a part of a review tour in my country organized by HiFiGo. I assure you that doesn’t affect my judgment on the set, all the impressions, and points in this blog are all my own based on my own experience with the set. For technical details and other information related to Yume II, you can check out on HiFiGO website from the link below(Non-Affiliated).

SeeAudio YUME II 1DD + 2BA In-Ear Monitors

Design & Build Quality:-

The most noticeable upgrade on the Yume II over the OG model is in its design and build quality. From resin cavities on the OG Yume, we have reached full metallic aluminum alloy shells for the Yume II. IMO, Yume II looks magnificent, the metallic shells have a glossy mirror finish, as per the brand, and the shells are carved using a high-precision CNC machining process. I just adore their looks. They are compact, have a stunning golden See Audio logo at the center, simply magnificent. Love the finish, design, and look of the Yume II. Although not everything that glitters is gold here, Yume II is a fingerprint magnet. Half of the time, I was rubbing the shell on my clothes just to remove my own fingerprints from the shells. I fear the shells getting scratched easily.

See Audio Yume II Review-2

Another thing, the included carry case also needs to be handled with care. First of all, it’s like a jewelry case. The day I got the Yume II, I showed it to my wife and she was like, I want this carry case of yours along with the beautiful pair as well. Pretty sure people will like the stunning look of the pair.

Fit & Isolation:-

Yume II fits me pretty well. I am using the stock ear tips with a colorful tube, the fit is very good for me. The lightweight cable makes it easy to manage around while walking or running around with the set. Isolation is also quite good, I don’t have any issues with the pair regarding isolation or fit.

Powering Up The See Audio Yume II:-

Yume II can be driven easily off most sources. I have treated the pair with my phone(Redmi Note 10 Pro), HiBy RS2, and Astell&Kern SE200. Each of the sources drives it pretty well off, even with my smartphone, the output was phenomenal. It was decently loud and had good clarity and punch. Obviously giving the pair a proper DAC/AMP or DAP enhances its capabilities by a tad bit. With the RS2, the combination was phenomenal, the Yume II sounded rich and smooth with the R2R magic of the RS2. A&K SE200 drives the pair easily, it gives good resolution and clarity to the set. Personally, would recommend using a portable DAC/AMP or mid-tier DAP with the Yume II and you are good to go with the set.

See Audio Yume II Review-3

Sound Impressions:-

Coming on to the main part of this review, about the sound of the beautiful Yume II. As I have mentioned earlier in this review, I have had an experience with the OG Yume, Personally speaking, I loved the set. It had excellent midrange, smooth treble response, and an overall interesting sound at a pocket-friendly price point. The Yume II here is an amazing upgrade over the OG model, it packs improved lower-end response while maintaining the same midrange richness, and also adds a tad bit of energy to the treble region. Not to mention the stainless steel ear shells also give a premium experience while listening to the music. Soundwise, Yume II packs a balanced sound profile(mostly balanced I would say). I said mostly balanced because the Bass and Treble feel a tad bit elevated while the Midrange has a slightly, very slightly recessed presentation.

The bass response on the Yume II is fast and precise, it delivers a good thump in the output with a good mid-bass response. Midrange maintains the rich and organic tone of the OG Yume, delivering excellent vocals and instruments. Treble is mostly smooth and has good amount of details as well. Treble sounds crisp and tight. Although sometimes it feels a little tingy with a little metallic tone to some instruments like Guitars, Pianos, but most of the time, It sounds smooth and inoffensive. Yume II’s is enjoyable for long hours, holds good clarity, and delivers a decent lively sound for the listeners!! Let’s discuss some frequency-wise sound responses of the Yume II.

See Audio Yume II Review-4


Yume II has a good punch to the lower-end frequencies. It has more focus on the mid-bass region, sub-bass has a decent rumble as well. See Audio has done a great job in delivering a quality lower-end response, it doesn’t feel boomy or over-powering for any genre of music. Rather I would say, Yume II delivers good enough bass to give a balanced profile for most genres out there. If I have to nitpick, I would say some more depth to the sub-bass would give better heft and more weight to the presentation.


The midrange is as lovely as it can get around this price point. The vocals are rich and nicely detailed. It sounds a little recessed compared to the lower and higher frequencies, but overall the clarity and tonality of vocals and instruments are pretty good. Yume II doesn’t sound congested or narrow even for busy tracks, and I love it for that matter. While writing this line, I was listening to the track Sayonee by Coke Studio(it’s originally a Junoon Band track), Yume II swifts through the sudden tempo changes and gives an amazing presentation to this track. For vocal lovers, Yume II also packs a good sound.


The treble response with the Yume II is smooth and inoffensive. I don’t hear a lot of extensions in the high-end with the Yume II, but it retrieves a good amount of details to give a full-bodied sound to the listeners. I would say that the Treble region is nicely done on the Yume II. The pair can be listened for hours and hours and won’t feel tired or fatigued. A small nitpick here is that some instruments like Electric Guitar, Violin, Mouth Organ, and Flute, they have a little metallic tinge in the high-frequencies.

See Audio Yume II Review-5

Soundstage & Separation:-

Dynamically, See Audio Yume II is a great performer. The pair delivers a good wide soundstage. I would say that the depth could be a little better(same was the case with the OG Yume), but overall good width to the stage. It immerses the listeners in a wide sound field. Instrument separation and detailing are quite good with the set. Imaging and positioning of instruments are also good.

Some Small Comparisons:-

See Audio Yume II come in at a very competitive price point. At around 200$, there are plenty of great options available for the listener. Throughout the review, I have mentioned some comparisons with the OG Yume regarding the sound part. Now let’s put the Yume II against a similarly priced multi-driver hybrid IEM that’s also the talk of the town nowadays, the AFUL Performer 5.

See Audio Yume II Review-6

See Audio Yume II Vs AFUL Performer 5:-

>Performer 5 has more quantity in the lower end, it sounds more slamming and powerful, and Yume II sounds tighter in that regard.

>Midrange both the sets have good clarity and resolution. Aful feels a tad bit warmer in presentation, and Yume II has a tad bit more refinement in the midrange.

>Treble Response on the Yume II is livelier, it’s more clear, and tighter.

>Soundstage width is a bit better on the Yume II, P5 has a more 3D and more deep soundstage.

>AFUL Performer 5 feels more natural tonally.

As I have mentioned earlier in my P5 review as well, Both the Yume II and Performer 5 are amazing IEMs available at a good price point. Each of these will cater to your requirements with its amazing sound. Yume II will sound better for Rock and other fast genres, while P5 packs a punchy sound that will complement Hip-Hop, EDM, and other similar genres.

See Audio Yume II Review-7

Final Words:-

See Audio Yume II is a good upgrade over the OG model. The only main drawback I had with the OG model was its lower end, which has now been greatly improved for the Yume II. It has got a lively, fun sound tuning that will complement most genre’s out there. Yume II has got a good balance to its sound, and it does look great as well!! Well, that’s about the See Audio Yume II from my side, I hope you guys liked reading this review of mine. For any further questions and queries, feel free to ask me in the comments section below!!

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