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See Audio Bravery IEM Review:- Natural Tone, Beautiful Looks, Comfortable Fit!!

Bravery, the latest project by See Audio is a multi-BA IEM featuring a quad-BA configuration on each side. See Audio finalized the frequency curve(tuning) and design of the Bravery with…
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Bravery, the latest project by See Audio is a multi-BA IEM featuring a quad-BA configuration on each side. See Audio finalized the frequency curve(tuning) and design of the Bravery with the help of community polling on their social media channel, So it won’t be wrong to call Bravery a community project. See Audio has partnered with big names such as Hakugei for the cable of Bravery, Azla Sednafit for the ear tips included with the set. Bravery will be releasing soon, It is currently available on pre-order with HiFiGo, See Audio’s official online partner for 249$(MSRP is 279$). I was lucky enough to be a part of a review tour of See Audio Bravery being organized in my country by the brand. So before wasting any more time, let’s begin with our review today.

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About See Audio:-

See Audio entered into the international market last year with their debutant set, the See Audio Yume that garnered them a lot of praises. They are a well-established brand in Mainland China and have multiple successful products there. Bravery is their fourth pair after Yume, after the debutant Yume, the multi-BA flagship Neo, and the BA+EST hybrid flagship Kaguya. I personally had explored the Yume and loved it. Let’s see how good their latest project is.


I received a review sample unit from See Audio tour that doesn’t include the retail packaging and accessories. All I got was the pair along with its cable and carry case. I will be forwarding the unit to the next reviewer after my review is done. All impressions in this review are completely my own based on my own experience with the pair over the past week.

If you want to purchase, you can pre-order Bravery from HiFiGo from the link below. (Link isn’t affiliated).

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Design & Build Quality:-

Talk about beautifully crafted in-ears, I get only two brands on my mind, Kinera and See Audio. All products from them including Yume, Kaguya, Neo, and the latest Bravery feature eye-catchy beautiful looks. The pair here is made up of solid resin material that has a semi-transparent nature on the inner side of the shell. In proper lit situations, you can see the internal driver arrangement of Bravery with ease. The pair has a designer face cover with a unique pattern on each earpiece. The right earpiece has a lotus bravery logo printed on the face panel and the left one has See Audio’s logo printed on the face panel. Two pin-connectors are located at the top of the earpieces, there’s also an air vent accompanying the 2-pin slot. In terms of design and build quality, I can say Bravery is a well-built product.

See Audio Bravery-3
See Audio Bravery-4

Now coming to another star of the show, the stock cable here. As I stated earlier, See Audio partnered with Hakugei, a premium IEM upgrade cable brand based in China. They have specially designed a cable for Bravery that matches its synergy. It is a high-quality cable that has a supreme build with a durable fabric sheathing throughout its length. It has a metallic casing around the connectors and termination plug. The cable has a 3.5mm termination.

Fit & Noise Isolation:-

See Audio ships Azla Sednafit Xelastec silicone ear tips as standard with the Bravery. I used my own Azla Sedna fit Xelastec pair with the Bravery, the fit was phenomenally good. The pair is lightweight. It sits firmly into my ears covering my entire ear canal. Isolation from the environmental noises is also very good with Bravery for me.

Driving the See Audio Bravery:-

Bravery can be powered easily without any trouble. It runs well off a regular smartphone(used my Samsung Note 9). But as always using a high-resolution music player or DAC/AMP is recommended for the best experience. For the purpose of this review, I used my Shanling M3X music player and xDuoo XD05 Bal portable DAC/AMP both of which provide Bravery ample juice to open up properly.

See Audio Bravery-5

Sound Quality:-

I remember I loved the tonality of See Audio Yume when I tried it. Bravery keeps up with it with its natural and perfect tonality. Even with its all-BA configuration Bravery doesn’t suffer from slow or dull BA Timbre, in fact, it maintains a natural tonality throughout its frequency range. Vocals, Instruments everything sound so natural and pleasing that makes it an instant favorite for me. It has a smooth U-shaped sound signature that presents our music with great detail and clarity. If we talk about the lower end, the pair shows a fast and punchy response. Bravery produces rich, detailed vocals and instruments. Love it with pop and acoustic artists, an amazing set for these genres. At the top end, Bravery again performs quite well, showing good spark and energy while maintaining its smoothness and non-fatiguing presentation.

Lower End/Bass:-

Bravery has a quick and punchy lower end with a well-textured response in both mid-bass slams and sub-bass rumble. The lower end here is not over-emphasized or overpowering, rather has a complementing presentation. Bravery brings out good details in the lower end with good clarity. Nitpicking here in the lower end, but I would have liked slightly more depth here in the bass slams. Good take here is how it maintains control in the lower end.

See Audio Bravery-6
Mids/Vocals, Acoustic Instruments:-

Bravery has a slightly recessed mid-frequency response, but If you like to listen to rich, natural vocals and instruments, be assured you are in for a good time with the Bravery. The pair maintains amazing clarity and a natural tone for both male and female vocals, they are neither upfront that might make them go shouty in a minute, nor they are too laid-back that might make the vocalist sound distant. In fact, Bravery maintains a good balance and position of the vocalist right in front of us at the center stage. As I stated earlier, Bravery shines best with acoustic music, I simply loved the smooth, detailed presentation for acoustic guitars, pianos, and more. The best thing here, the presentation is too smooth and natural that you are gonna fall in love with the Bravery.

Treble/Instruments, & More:-

Bravery maintains its detailed, and textured response in the treble region. It shows a good sense of sparkle and energy in the output. It isn’t bright or harsh at all, in fact has a smooth, non-fatiguing, and clean response here. While the extensions in the treble frequencies are great, Bravery lacks some air in the region. For some complex genres such as heavy metal, I find it sounding slightly congested in the top end.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

The width and height of the soundstage with Bravery are quite good. Depth could’ve been slightly better here. Imaging and placement of instruments is excellent with the pair, one can easily place the singer and instruments on the sound field.

See Audio Bravery-7

Final Words:-

See Audio Bravery is an excellent set if you are looking for a smooth, relaxed-sounding IEM. I personally loved it with acoustic and vocal genres as the tonality and presentation of Bravery is simply excellent for those genres. For me, Bravery sets a new reference point for tonality and timbre for the 300$ price segment, the only takeaway that I have with See Audio’s latest project is the lack of air in the treble region.

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