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Moondrop Quarks IEM Review: Bang For Buck!!

Moondrop is among the most active IEM brands based out of China. They are the leading manufactures of high-fidelity in-ear monitors with many highly-acclaimed products such as Variations, Blessings 2,…
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Moondrop is among the most active IEM brands based out of China. They are the leading manufactures of high-fidelity in-ear monitors with many highly-acclaimed products such as Variations, Blessings 2, and more. Today, I am reviewing their latest entry-level single dynamic driver set, the Moondrop Quarks. Quarks is the latest entry-level IEM from the house of Moondrop priced at just 12.99$. It packs a 6mm micro dynamic driver unit enclosed in compact bullet-shaped earpieces. I love exploring the entry-level segment as they might surprise us with a hidden powerful performance, So is the Moondrop Quarks worth it?? Let’s find out.

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I received the Moondrop Quarks from my friend for the purpose of this review only. The unit will go back to him after my review is done. All the impressions in this review are completely my own based on my own impressions of the set. If you like to purchase Moondrop Quarks it is available worldwide with HiFIGo for just 12.99$. You can order from them here. (Link is not affiliated).

Package & Accessories:-

Moondrop Quarks come in a compact rectangular black cardboard box. It just has the three dots Quarks logo printed on the front. On the backside, we have a frequency graph along with the technical specifications of the pair. Inside we have the Quarks sitting firmly into their place with cable bound at the back. At the bottom, we have a carry pouch along with a few pairs of silicone ear tips, a product manual, and a wearing guide. The package design and look are simple and elegant.

Moondrop Quarks-2

Package Contents:-

>Moondrop Quarks earphones.

>One cable tie.

>Three pairs of silicone ear tips.

>Carry pouch.

>User manual and Wearing guide.

Design, Build Quality, & Fit:-

Moondrop Quarks features tiny bullet-shaped earpieces with a non-detachable cable. The pair is made up of transparent plastic with red and black Quarks logo printed at the front of right and left earpieces respectively. The driver inside is placed right near the nozzle. It is visible clearly as the pair has a transparent shell design. The entire shell even the ear nozzle is plastic. The cable here is non-detachable with a soft insulated outer shielding. It is soft and gets tangled easily. A detachable cable could’ve been better but obviously adding MMCX/2-pin connectors would have increased the price for the set. The form factor, design is decent enough for the price point.

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With their tiny lightweight form factor, the Quarks provides a very comfortable fit. The pair serves well if you want to listen to your favorite music while sleeping. It sticks well into my medium-sized ears and provides a good level of isolation from the ambient background noises.

Driving The Moondrop Quarks:-

Quarks is a very easy-to-drive pair. The pair can be driven straight off your smartphone without any trouble. It has a low impedance rating of just 16Ω with high sensitivity of 116dB. I used Moondrop Quarks with my Redmi Note 10 Pro smartphone and Cayin N6ii Digital Audio Player. While the pair can be driven easily off the Note 10 Pro, I still recommend using a mid-level HiFI player for the best experience with hi-res signal decoding.

Moondrop Quarks-4

Sound Impressions:-

Quarks is an excellent sounding pair with impressive clarity for the price. Around the 10-20$ price range, I haven’t heard many pairs IEMs that offer such clarity. Overall tuning has a smooth U-shape sound profile with recessed mid-range. The lower end is fast and quick. It shows good control with precise punches in the mid-bass and good extension in the sub-bass regional well. Midrange is reproduced beautifully, the clarity for vocals and acoustic instruments is outstanding. Treble region shows a smooth, non-fatiguing response with no signs of sibilance but there is a bit of grainy presentation in the treble region. Usually, the IEMs around this price segment has boosted treble that sounds harsh and sibilant, but that’s not the case with the Quarks, enjoy an immersive sound with the Quarks.

Lower End:-

Moondrop does the lower end well with Moondrop Quarks. It is clean, quick, and punchy. Don’t expect an elevated, boomy, or overpowering bass response, rather experience a neutral and natural presentation for the lower end with the pair. It’s nice to hear a tight & controlled bass even in bass-heavy tracks such as Bad Guy by Billie Eilish. Even in complex tracks such as Billie Jean by MJ, the bass response is excellent.

Moondrop Quarks-6


An actual charm, a melodious and natural midrange. For the price of Quarks, the midrange is simply lovely. It has rich vocals that show good clarity, they have a slightly warmer tone to them, an actually pleasing tonality. If you are an avid fan of live and acoustic music, you are in for a treat with the Moondrop Quarks.


Top-end might be the weakest spot in Quarks tuning. It has a smooth and non-sibilant approach but there is also a noticeable lack of clarity, thanks to a grainy treble region. It gets noticed more in fast and complex genres such as Death Metal, Rock, and more. Treble region clarity could’ve been improved, but at least it isn’t sibilant or fatiguing as most IEMs in this price range.

Moondrop Quarks-6


Staging is mostly in the head of the listener. Don’t expect a super-wide staging with the Quarks, It packs its performance into your head. Imaging, Instruments separation, Positioning, and other Technical performance with the Quarks is average for the price.

Tanchjim Tanya Vs Moondrop Quarks:-

Closes to the Quarks with me right now is the Tanchjim Tanya that also supports a single dynamic driver configuration but is priced at around 20-22$ almost double the price of Moondrop Quarks. Here’s my take between these two.

Moondrop Quarks-7

>Quarks has a very simple plastic build, while Tanya looks more classy.

>Quarks is easier to drive. It can be driven straight off your smartphone. Tanya on the other hand takes some extra juice to sound its best.

>There’s nothing wrong in sound with the Quarks except that grainy treble region that makes Tanya clean sounding.

>Tanya’s bass has a better body and slam(when amped properly).

>Extension, Staging, and technical performance by Tanya is better.

>Midrange and vocal clarity is identical in both the pairs, Though Quarks have a slightly warm tone for vocals.

Yes, Tanya might be a better-sounding set among the two, but the take here is it needs a lot of power to shine its best. It would just not sound great straight out of your smartphone and might sound muffled. I personally power it using Cayin N6ii+Topping NX4, and that’s a lot for a 20$ set. In terms of VFM, Quarks offer better performance with easy drivability.

Moondrop Quarks-8

A Few Final Words For Moondrop Quarks:-

I enjoyed my time with the Moondrop Quarks. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t expecting it to have such a balanced and neutral presentation. I have tried multiple IEMs around the 10-20$ price range all had a deep V-shape tuning with elevated bass and harsh treble, but the Quarks proved that good things are possible at any price segment. Surely it does have its own flaws especially the grainy treble, but out of all the things that these pair do at just 12$, most of them are well-executed. Loved the neutral bass, warm midrange, and overall package.

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