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Lotoo Paw S2: Latest MQA USB DAC/AMP

Lotoo has introduced an upgrade to its highly acclaimed Paw S1 USB DAC/AMP, the brand new Lotoo Paw S2. Based on the same architecture as their top-tier digital audio players,…
Lotoo Paw S2-5

Lotoo has introduced an upgrade to its highly acclaimed Paw S1 USB DAC/AMP, the brand new Lotoo Paw S2. Based on the same architecture as their top-tier digital audio players, the Paw S2 elevates the way we listen to our music. It is equipped with legendary AK4377 DAC Chip implemented to extract the best performance out of the Paw S2. It has support for high-resolution PCM, DSD, and MQA decoding turning your normal smartphone into an MQA supporting high-resolution player. Lotoo Paw S2 features a standalone headphone amplifier with two headphone output ports and two-level gain modes. It outputs up to 150mW of power via the 4.4mm headphone out, which is more than enough to power IEMs and headphones on the go. Lotoo Paw S2 is available to purchase for 249$.

Lotoo Paw S2-1

Bring Home The Power Of AKM DAC Chip:-

AKM Technologies is a worldwide renowned brand, mostly known for its high-performing DAC chips. Lotoo has equipped the Paw S2 with AKM’s trusted AK4377 DAC chip. It decodes high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM as well as DSD128 natively with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings ensuring a clean, noise-free sound output.

MQA Decoding Support:-

Lotoo Paw S2 supports 4x MQA signal decoding. MQA(Master Quality Authenticated) is the latest standard for high-resolution audio recordings. Paw S2 has received the required certification, it decodes MQA signals by unfolding them up to 4 layers. Be prepared to get the best sound quality experience with your smartphone and Paw S2.

Based on High-End DAP Architecture:-

Lotoo has designed the Paw S2 similar to their high-end digital audio player systems. The Paw S2 features Blackfin DSP, advanced 2×8 layers of HDI PCB design. The analog board here employs a low-noise, low-temperature drift metal film resistor of millesimal accuracy.

High-End Phase Locked Loop Architecture:-

Lotoo has implemented AK8142, a programmable clock generator IC with an integrated highly-accurate phase locked loop. It is a highly accurate jitter clock that effectively reduces USB and SRC interface jitter ensuring a high-end performance with the device.

Lotoo Paw S2-2

Built-In Studio Quality PMEQ/ATE Presets:-

Lotoo’s PMEQ and ATE Equaliser presets were some of the best things with the Paw S1. The Lotoo Paw S2 brings more additions to the PMEQ and ATE presets, The PMEQ has ACG-1, while ATE has added Vinyl LP and Cassette presets.

New Longer OTG Cables:-

Lotoo has included new OTG cables with the Paw S2. They are available in two different lengths, 65mm and 800mm, so that users can use as per their requirement. The cables are made with high-purity OFC copper with copper shielding net and aluminum foil. They also have black TPE shielding for protection and flexibility.

New Media Control Key:-

Lotoo has featured a new Media control key along with the regular volume and fn keys on the side. This key can be used as a remote to play/pause the music as per users requirement.

Lotoo Paw S2-3

Paw S2 vs Paw S1:-

>Lotoo has redesigned the audio chipset for a better experience with lower distortion and darker background than the former model.

>Paw S2 has improved output power(150mW vs 125mW of S1).

>With redesigned electrical chipset, the power draw of S2 is lower than the S1.

>New added PMEQ and ATE presets.

>Longer, better quality cables.

>Out of the box MQA support(had to do firmware upgrade on S1 for it).

Lotoo Paw S2-4

Technical Specifications:-

>PCM up to 32-Bit/384kHz decoding support.

>DSD up to DSD128 native decoding.

>4x MQA decoding.

>THD+N: -109dB(0.0003%).

>SNR: 123dB.

>Max output: 150mW(4.4mm), 125mW(3.5mm).

>Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Line out level(3.5mm): 2.34Vrms.

>Line out level(4.4mm): 2.55Vrms.

>Noise Level(3.5mm): -121dBu.

>Noise Level(4.4mm): -119dBu.


>Price: 249$.

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