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KZ AST Premium 24BA IEM Announced

Knowledge Zenith, also known as KZ Acoustics has released its latest IEM set, the KZ AST with a huge driver configuration of 24 Balanced Armature Drivers. The pair features 12…

Knowledge Zenith, also known as KZ Acoustics has released its latest IEM set, the KZ AST with a huge driver configuration of 24 Balanced Armature Drivers. The pair features 12 high-performance upgraded balanced armature drivers on each side. It comes as an upgrade to the 20BA driver KZ ASX that was released in October last year. AST features newly-designed ear shells with premium zinc-alloy face covers. They are crafted with ultimate precision and craftsmanship, the pair has a variance of ±0.03 ensuring rigorous quality control. KZ has designed a 3D-printed acoustic tube cavity for the AST that ensures ultra-low distortion in the output. KZ AST is available in two different variants, one with In-Line Mic and the other without. It starts at 138$, available to purchase with



>Twelve High-performance BA drivers on each side.

>3D-Printed Balanced Armature Sound Cavity with Leading Acoustic Tube Design.

>High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable.

>Ultra-Low Distortion With Professional Electronics Crossover.

>Exquisite Build With Rigorous Quality Control.

>Premium Zinc Alloy Face Panels.

>Comfortable Firm Fit.

>HD Microphone(In-Line Mic Variant).

>Easy To Power.


Powerful 24 Balanced Armature Drivers:-

KZ AST features an all-BA driver configuration with 12 high-performance BA drivers on each side. KZ has equipped the AST with the latest generation BA units for high-quality performance. The pair features new 30017s BA units for smooth mids and high-frequencies, new 30095s and 30019s units for rich, detailed high-frequencies, new 29689s units for lush mid-frequencies, and new 22955s unit for punchy lower end with the pair.

High-Frequency Matrix BA Combination:-

For a smooth high-frequency response, KZ has equipped the AST with a high-frequency matrix BA combination. It is designed and developed independently, it brings significant improvements in the high-frequency performance of the pair producing minute details with ease.


Natural, Smooth, Highly-Detailed Sound Output:-

The combination of 12 high-performance balanced armature drivers per side enables the pair to deliver unmatchable performance. It produces an engaging sound output with natural tonality, smooth, lush vocals, sparkly treble, and spacious 3D soundstage. The pair is tuned by professional audio engineers to produce an ultimate sound experience for its users.

3D-Printed Acoustic Cavity:-

KZ has designed a 3D-printed acoustic cavity inside the AST shells. It helps in the easier placement of the driver units. It has a leading tube design that takes the audio signal from the drivers to the nozzle without any overlapping or distortion caused by multiple-driver units.

Professional Electronic Crossover:-

KZ has tuned each driver with utmost precision allowing it to respond to a particular frequency range. They are arranged together and separated by a professionally designed electronic crossover. This results in ultra-low distortion in the output with a high level of detail retrieval and each driver achieving its best performance.


Exquisite Build With Rigorous Quality Control:-

The earpieces in KZ AST have rich and premium looks with five-axis CNC machined Zinc Alloy face covers. The pair is made with utmost precision and craftsmanship with a unit variance of just ±0.03%. KZ AST is available in three different colors, Green, Black, and Silver.

High-Purity Silver-Plated Cable:-

KZ AST comes bundled with a high-purity silver-plated earphone cable with 0.75mm 2-pin connectors. Users can also upgrade it easily with other aftermarket cables with 0.75mm connector type.

Technical Specifications:-

>Impedance: 30 ohms.

>Frequency Response Range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Sensitivity: 103dB.

>2-Pin 0.75mm Connectors.

>Price: 138$.

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