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Kinera Nanna IEM Review: A Flagship EST Hybrid!!

Introduction:- Who doesn’t know Kinera, they are a well-known name for their outstanding craftsmanship and tuning for their in-ear monitors. They released the Nanna as their flagship model earlier this…
Kinera Nanna-4


Who doesn’t know Kinera, they are a well-known name for their outstanding craftsmanship and tuning for their in-ear monitors. They released the Nanna as their flagship model earlier this year which is appreciated by the audiophiles from all around the globe for its ultimate looks and stellar sonic performance. Kinera has been launching the new products with inspiration from the gods from Norse Mythology. Nanna is the goddess of Moon and Wisdom according to Norse mythology. She is the wife of Baldr(God of Light, Summer Sun), Kinera released the flagship Baldr model last month too. But enough about the Gods and Goddess’s, here we are talking about the Nanna. So Nanna is basically a flagship pair from the brand with a four-driver hybrid setup on each side consisting of one EST, two BA, and one DD unit. It has eye-catchy looks with smooth beautiful earpieces.

I was planning to grab a flagship pair for myself, and the Nanna seemed to be a perfect choice. So, I grabbed one for myself and today I am gonna share my review for this beautiful pair.

Kinear Nanna-1


I’ll try to focus on sound performance since I don’t care about the package. The Nannas are really comfortable, they are provided with really nice tips from all the sizes one could want for a good seal, and they are a gorgeous looking pair of IEMs. The cable is great, tested other cables, and got back to the original.

About the sound performance. The Nannas have been a different experience for me. My main setups with me are the Focal Elex and the Fiio FH5, both all-rounders, which I can’t consider the case with the Nannas. There is a certain stronger personality on this set, and by that, I’m trying to say that some albums will be jaw-dropping epic and others will not be pleasant to listen to.

Kinera Nanna-2

Lower End:-

If I had to describe the set in just a few words, I’d say it has impactful, detailed, and textured bass, with great sub-bass, less mid and upper bass. This valley continues to the mid-section and rises to the upper mids. The treble is outstandingly detailed and forward. The soundstage is large and imaging is really good.


When you’re listening to well-produced albums the sense of a 3d-like presentation is very nice. But it’s not a forgiving set to poor recordings and it will make it an unbearable experience, so be aware. As the treble is pronounced on this set, some treble-heavy songs with bad layering will be unlistenable since the treble will overshadow the rest of the song.


The mids seem pushed back on some tracks making vocals a bit distant which is not my preference.  The sharp/texturized timber is absurdly beautiful for guitars both electric and acoustic and also percussion. Really life-like timber for those instruments.

As long as my experience goes, R&B, pop, and EDM are not good matches for the Kinera Nanna. It happens quite often that the pronounced treble steals the attention from the rest of the recording, and the songs due to the mid-valley lose too much body to be enjoyable, letting many times the vocals pushed back.

Other genres like Classical, Jazz, and acoustic music, in general, are incredible. I’m stopping to hear entire albums I wasn’t willing to give much attention to other sets. Violins, cellos, guitar, both electric and acoustic, everything sounds great and balanced. The sense of space and image is impeccable on good recordings of this genre.

Kinera Nanna-3

Rock ’n’ Roll is a hit or miss. If the cymbals are emphasized on the recording, chances are they might overshadow other instruments and the vocals are often farther than what they should be.

As talking about sound can be sometimes too distant from reality, I made a list of impressions on some albums and tracks that are well produced and can give an idea if the Nannas will suit your tastes. I didn’t bother to put any Classical on it since the Nanna’s nail every classical song I throw at it, so I found it unnecessary.

Keith Jarrett’s The Köln Concert (Jazz)

The higher the notes on the piano, the better resolved they get. Middle notes are slightly lower and neither have the same texture, nor the sense of body.

Wes Montgomery’s The Wes Montgomery Trio (Jazz)

Wes’ guitar has exceptional timber. The organ and the percussion are positioned in very distinct positions with the guitar in the middle. Very beautiful presentation.

Dominique Fils-Aimé (Vocal Jazz)

Every recording of this artist is perfect on this set. Holographic, super detailed vocals, guitar, percussion, everything seems to benefit from the timber, frequency response, and specialty of the Nannas.

Natalia Lafourcade’s Musas (Acoustic)

The presentation of this album is perfect for this pair. The acoustic guitar is superb and Natalia’s voice is smooth, yet very detailed. The stage is very holographic.

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours (Rock)

Superb guitar timber, nice percussion, holographic presentation, but vocals both male and female are a bit pushed back. Bass notes from 03m05s on “The Chain” have very nice detail but could be stronger to be perfect.

Amber Mark’s Conexão (R&B)

The treble takes over the recording. The vocals are thin and the whole recording has no body. Not pleasant to listen to on this set.

Jarreau Vandal and Olivia Nelson’s Someone That You Love (R&B)

Nice sub-bass presence, good instrument separation, but vocals are pushed back and thin.

Ganja White Night and Subtronic’s Headband (Dubstep)

Texture everywhere. The sub-bass hits hard when required. Cymbals are a bit sharp, but nice presentation overall.

Bossfight’s Nock Em (Electronic)

Good texture, but treble gets too sharp and the lack of a more pronounced mid to upper bass makes the Nannas sound a bit hollow on this track.

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