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Kinera BD005 Pro Review – Great Looks and Impressive Value

I’ve had the opportunity to review the gamut of Chinese-made IEMs.  From expensive to cheap, and from excellent sounding to mediocre.  Regardless of price, what is becoming common is that…

I’ve had the opportunity to review the gamut of Chinese-made IEMs.  From expensive to cheap, and from excellent sounding to mediocre.  Regardless of price, what is becoming common is that the uber-competition of the market is leading companies to provide more for less.  

The Kinera BD005 Pro are certainly no exception.  Price extremely modestly, their design and ultimately, their sound impress.  These don’t perform like ‘cheap’ IEMs.  Their design is especially premium and virtually indistinguishable from higher-end models.


The BD005 Pro impress at first glance.  Open up the attractive hexagonal box and you’ll find a sturdy and functional case,  two sets of ear tips (small and large), an attractive removable cable with a microphone, and the IEMs themselves.  It’s all entirely appropriate for IEMs costing far more.


With a replaceable 2-pin cable and ergonomic shape, the BD005 Pro appear to belong to a much higher-priced tier of IEMs.  The ‘murky blue’ pair that I received (while questionably named) are very attractive with gold flecks and script embedded in the faceplates.  The gold highlights elevate the aesthetic experience and glitter attractively in direct light.

Not too blingy to verge into tackiness, but just enough flash to be eye-catching and interesting.  They are a tasteful design.

The cable is a standard simple braided affair, and the black colorway will not attract too much attention nor take away from the overall experience.  I appreciate the metal connectors and clear L and R labeling.  Microphonics and tangling are fairly minimal.


The ergonomic shape of the mid-sized IEM bodies is comfortable and should fit most ears.  Overall they are smooth, well-crafted, and not too heavy. 

My only niggling concern is with the shallow shape of the ear tips, and the decision to only include 2 sizes (rather than the typical S, M, L).  This makes finding the proper fit and seal more difficult and may require listeners to experiment with additional ear tips.  I found the larger tips fit well enough, but I’m not raving about them.


Honestly, I kept having to remind myself of the low pricepoint, so I could assess the BD005 Pro fairly. Even for someone who’s grown accustomed to the sound of more expensive models, the BD005 Pro are no slouch.  They present a fun and non-fatiguing sound, that, while not the most technically detailed, makes for a fun listening experience.

They have a v-shaped frequency response, but not too dramatic, with rolled-off high extension.  They don’t quite have the natural and full sound that can be achieved by better IEMs, but boy, they really do offer a lot for the money.


The hybrid design means that bass frequencies are handled by a dynamic driver, which typically (and this is no exception) produces deeper, fuller bass than a balanced armature driver.  Sub-bass extension is surprisingly decent while remaining in control.  The BD005 Pro avoid being honky, 1-note performers and provide enough nuance to satisfy most listeners.  

More bass-heavy than natural sounding, the v-shape is in full effect with the BD005 Pro.  Note that the limited ear tip selection may greatly impact your perception of bass response. If you are unable to find a satisfactory seal with the included tips, bass response will suffer.


Not surprisingly, the midrange is recessed in the overall sound signature, which leads to a bit of a lack of clarity in the vocal range.  It’s not bad per se, but it does remind us that the BD005 Pro are in the sub-$100 category.  The midrange just doesn’t take center stage, and acoustic-music-focused listeners may want to consider better-suited options.  

A big plus is the lack of upper-midrange glare that is often found in inexpensive IEMs.  They avoid shoutiness that can make long-term listening fatiguing.


Treble response is decent, although without much high-end extension.  I found the lack of upper-midrange and lower-treble harshness refreshing for IEMs in this range.  There is decent sparkle and brightness, but the BD005 Pro lack a bit of that upper air lightness that can be found in other models.  

Overall the listening experience is warm and low-end focused.  While not the best for acoustic or string-focused music, pop and EDM fans will find much to like here.


In short, the BD005 Pro give the impression of being far more expensive than they are.  They represent excellent value for your money.  They trade blows competitively with IEMs twice their price and offer a significant upgrade from the bargain-bin, low price wonders.  

Featuring tasteful non-fatiguing tuning, comfortable fit, and attractive well-made shells, the BD005 Pro make the perfect on-the-go IEMs.  With decent sound, good looks, and a price tag that won’t break you if they get left on the bus, the BD005 Pro should be on your shortlist of contenders at this price range.

I appreciate a great value, and the BD005 walk the talk.


Non-fatiguing and tasteful sound signature.

Good bass response.

Ergonomic shells are comfortable.

Shell colors and gold highlights have a premium appearance.


Rolled-off high treble.

The midrange is recessed.

Oddly shaped ear tips and only 2 included sizes.

Author Trav Wilson:  Audiophile or Audio-Phool? I don’t claim to have golden ears with magical properties, nor any ability to create music. But I do have a deep appreciation for music, founded at a young age, and curated over the years. I’m also unapologetically a gear-head and love lights, buttons, meters, switches, and especially things made from traditional wood, leather, metal, and glass materials. As with everything, take it for what it is: this is just one person’s opinion. Runs noteworthy.audio. 

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