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KBEAR ROBIN: Affordable Five Driver Hybrid IEMs

KBEAR is a well-known brand among music enthusiasts and audiophiles. They have a wide range of products including Hi-Res IEMs and HiFi IEM upgrade cables. They focus primarily on the…

KBEAR is a well-known brand among music enthusiasts and audiophiles. They have a wide range of products including Hi-Res IEMs and HiFi IEM upgrade cables. They focus primarily on the budget segment with their last flagship priced at around 180$(KBEar BElieve). Today, KBEar has released its latest set of hybrid in-ear monitors, the KBEar Robin. It is a five-driver hybrid setup of high-resolution in-ear monitors featuring a powerful dual magnetic dynamic driver and four customized balanced armature drivers per side. They are arranged in their self-developed 4G crossover technology. KBEar is also known for its well-designed IEMs, the Robin here is no different. It features premium Zinc alloy electroplated face covers with a beautiful gradient pattern providing it a rich, premium look. Robin comes in two different variants, with in-line Mic, and without in-line Mic, starting at 54$ for the non-mic variant.

KBEar Robin-1


Zinc alloy electroplated face panels & Translucent PC Cavity:-

KBEar Robin shows outstanding craftsmanship by the engineers at KBEar. The pair has metallic, electroplated zinc alloy face covers. They have a gradient pattern that makes them look simply stunning. The face covers are attached to a translucent PolyCarbonate inner cavity that has an ergonomic shape for a comfortable fit for most users.

Powerful five-driver hybrid configuration (per side):-

KBEar Robin is developed with a five-driver hybrid setup on each side. The pair features a powerful dynamic driver and four customized balanced armature drivers, tuned by professionals for an energetic, lively sound that complements different genres well.

KBEar Robin-2
10mm dual-magnetic circuit DD:-

KBEar Robin adopts a 10mm dual-magnetic dynamic driver with a balance pressure relief on the rear and front. It is tuned to deliver a quick, responsive lower end that adds a good punch to the sound output. The dual-magnetic circuit produces a high magnetic flux that results in smooth movement of the diaphragm coil inside. This helps in achieving faster response, and powerful bass with the pair.

Four-customised Balanced Armature Units:-

KBEar Robin features four custom-developed Balanced Armature units. It features a customized KBEAR-IF-K BA driver unit for an accurate mid-range and smooth high-frequency response. There are three customized KBEAR-Hi-B BA units that produce a high-resolution clarity among the high and ultra-high frequencies.

KBEar Robin-3
4G electronic-frequency division technology:-

To ensure each driver works to its full potential KBear has implemented 4G electronic frequency division technology that consists of one physical crossover and two electronic crossovers. All the driver units complement each other and work together in perfect synergy.

4N oxygen-free copper cable:-

KBear packs the Robin with a professional 4 strand high-purity cable made with 4N oxygen-free copper material. It has standard 0.78mm two-pin connectors and a 3.5mm termination plug for easy connectivity and easy future upgrades. Copper Wire is usually known to enhance the sound with a smooth texture and rich feeling.

KBEar Robin-4
Comfortable ergonomic design:-

Designed after a deep study on a huge data of ear canals, the KBEar Robin has an ergonomic shape that provides a comfortable and easy-wearing experience for most of its users. The pair sit firmly covering the entire ear canal, providing a very comfy fit for the user.

Microphone & non-microphone variants:-

KBEar Robin is available in two different variants, one is with In-Line Mic and the other without. The In-Line Mic also has a button that allows for controlling(Play/Pause) the music playback. It is a HiFi condenser microphone that provides crisp voice quality over phone calls.

KBEar Robin-5

Technical Parameters:-

>Impedance: 18 ohms.

>Sensitivity: 110dB.

>Frequency response range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

>Oxygen-free copper cable.

>3.5mm termination plug.

>Price: Starts at 54$.

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