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HiBy Revamps It’s Lineup With Three New Products: R2 II, R6 Gen 3, and CR06!!

HiBy needs no introduction in the HiFi audio industry. Previously known for its outstanding HiBy Music application, HiBy entered into the world of Hi-Res audio gear in 2017 with the…
HiBy R2 II-1

HiBy needs no introduction in the HiFi audio industry. Previously known for its outstanding HiBy Music application, HiBy entered into the world of Hi-Res audio gear in 2017 with the release of R6. R6 helped them gain all the attention as it was one of the earliest iterations of a premium Android-based digital audio player. Later, HiBy ventured into different categories including USB DAC/AMPs, In-Ear Monitors, etc. Today, HiBy has launched three new devices to its collection, presenting the all-new HiBy R2 Generation 2, HiBy R6 Generation 3, and the HiBy CR06. Let’s know them better.

HiBy R2 II-1

HiBy R2 Gen II:-

HiBy R2 is an ultra-compact portable audio player that fits right into the palm of our hands. It was released back in 2020 and was highly acclaimed for its amazing sound characteristics.HiBy Has upgraded that beautiful player with the all-new HiBy R2 II, this beauty packs a high-performance ES9219C ESS Sabre DAC inside a super compact form factor. It supports decoding for all leading audio formats(Wav, MP3, Flac, AAC, Dsf, ISO, etc). HiBy R2 II supports high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM, and DSD256 audio signals. It is capable of producing true studio-grade sound performance with 8x MQA unfolding. R2 II is the perfect Hi-Res audio player that you will need at your workouts and at your jogging session. It fits right into your pocket with other gadgets.

Other features of the R2 II include 2-way high-definition Bluetooth connectivity, USB DAC functionality, Audio Recorder, an Ebook reader, and many more. Just like its OG model, the new R2 II is also priced attractively with a retail price of 89$. It’s available in a bunch of color options.

HiBy R6 Gen III:-

R6, the classic Android Music player has also got an upgrade in the form of HiBy R6 Generation 3. The OG R6 was officially released in 2017 and was one of the earliest adopters of Android in dedicated Hi-Res audio players. It later got a successor in the form of R6 2020 which you might have guessed came out in 2020. With the latest iteration, the R6 III, we have got a Dual DAC chipset housing two ES9038Q2M 32-Bit Sabre DAC chips. The android has been upgraded to Android 12 and the SoC is now Snapdragon 665. The new R6 III promises unmatched sound performance with its pure Class A amplification mode. It actually supports dual-mode with Class A amplification delivering exceptional sound with the lowest distortion ratings and ultimate resolution in the output signal, and the Class AB mode for more efficient output.


R6 III steps up the game for HiBy in their mid-fi segment of digital audio players with its unparalleled sound capabilities, the latest Android, and a superb range of features. It comes priced very well at just 499$, available worldwide now.

HiBy CR06 HiFi Desktop Hub For Digital Audio Players:-

This is something new and something innovative from the house of HiBy. HiBy CR06 is actually a desktop hub for digital audio players. In simple terms, it allows you to use your portable audio player as a source in a desktop chain. It comes with a range of output and input options including 3.5mm, 4.4mm Aux, and USB Input options, as for output we have RCA, XLR, Coaxial, and Optical output options. We can explore our library on our player and use it on any given desktop chain. It even supports USB 3.0 fast storage expansion that will allow you to simply use hard drives and solid state drives as an expansion with your player. HiBy CR06 is a unique new product and it seems hella useful. It’s priced at 199$, available worldwide now.

HiBy CR06

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