HiBy R6 Pro II: Dual AK4499EX+AK4191EQ DAC & Class A AMP Digital Audio Player

HiBy is one of the biggest HiFi audio brands from China that began as a Hi-Res music application and has now expanded to offer a wide range of products in…
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HiBy is one of the biggest HiFi audio brands from China that began as a Hi-Res music application and has now expanded to offer a wide range of products in various categories including IEMs, USB DAC/AMPs, and Portable Audio Players. Among their portable audio devices, they have recently launched the R6 Pro II, an upgraded version of their award-winning R6 Pro Android Digital Audio Player. The original R6 Pro was released in 2018, and the new R6 Pro II features the latest technology and advanced features, including a flagship-grade DAC arrangement, Selectable Class A amplification, Open Android 12 OS with system-wide Bit-Perfect Architecture, and more. The R6 Pro II has a modern design with a bold curvy appearance and an attractive color scheme. The HiBy R6 Pro II is a high-performance premium digital audio player that takes your listening experience to the next level. The HiBy R6 Pro II has been released and is now available for purchase at a price of $749.

HiBy R6 Pro II-1

Latest-Generation AKM DAC Arrangement:-

The R6 Pro II has been built with a completely new architecture at its core. The OG R6 Pro is equipped with a dual ES9028Q2M DAC chipset, which was a premium DAC from ESS Sabre Technologies of the previous generation, the latest R6 Pro II model comes with the best AKM Technologies’ flagship-grade DAC setup featuring AK4191EQ and dual AK4499EX DAC chipset. This utilizes independent DACs arranged with their own I/V circuits for each channel, providing the best possible performance from the AK4499EX.

High-Resolution Audio Decoding Supported by R6 Pro II:-

The previous R6 Pro model was capable of decoding 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signals. However, the R6 Pro II takes this capability to the next level by supporting high-resolution 32-bit/1536kHz PCM and native DSD1024 audio signals. Additionally, the R6 Pro II can decode and render 16x MQA in full.

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Experience with Upgraded SoC and RAM on Android 12:-

The HiBy R6 Pro II has significant upgrades to its SoC and software components. While the previous R6 Pro model had a Snapdragon 425 SoC chipset and Android 8.1, the new R6 Pro II boasts the latest Android 12 OS and a Snapdragon 665 SoC chipset. With its open Android 12 OS, users can run the latest media applications that may not have been compatible with older Android versions. The R6 Pro II also features a system-wide bit-perfect audio architecture that allows for high-resolution audio performance across various applications. Additionally, HiBy has also upgraded the 4GB RAM compared to the previous model’s 3GB, resulting in a smoother multitasking experience.

Latest Upgraded Amplification Section With Class A/AB Free Switching:-

The HiBy R6 Pro II has a newly upgraded amplification section that features four high-quality OPA1612 operational amplifiers. These amplifiers provide a cleaner sound and have a built-in Class A mode. The R6 Pro II allows for free switching between Class A and Class AB amplification modes, providing users with greater flexibility and control over their audio experience.

Upgraded USB 3.1 Connectivity for Faster Charging and Data Transfer:-

The USB interface of the R6 Pro II comes with an upgrade, featuring a USB 3.1 port that enables fast charging and quicker data transfer rates. The USB interface is now a two-way system, allowing for USB charging and data transfer, as well as USB DAC and USB Audio out functionality.

HiBy R6 Pro II-3

Larger, Better, Crispier 1080p Display Screen:-

The HiBy R6 Pro II boasts a larger and higher quality display screen compared to R6 Pro. While the R6 Pro featured a 4.2″ 768p display, the R6 Pro II has been upgraded to a larger 5.9″ screen with a resolution of 1080×2160. This display is not only bigger but also crisper and brighter, providing an improved visual experience for users.

All-New Attractive Design:-

The HiBy R6 Pro II features an all-new, stunning design that showcases a curved, visually appealing outer chassis. It comes with a beautifully designed back plate that adds to its overall elegance. The R6 Pro II is available in two attractive color options: Lively Purple and Midnight Black. In addition to its sleek appearance, the package includes a leather carry case, making it both stylish and convenient for on-the-go use.

HiBy R6 Pro II-4

HiBy R6 Pro II Pricing and Availability:-

The HiBy R6 Pro II has been released with an appealing price point of $749, especially given its flagship-level specifications. Interested individuals can now purchase the player it is available on pre-order across different HiBy official sellers worldwide.

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