HiBy Launches R3 II:Latest Generation To Its Acclaimed R3 Series Music Players

HiBy has introduced the latest iteration in its entry-level Hi-Res audio player series, unveiling the all-new HiBy R3 II. Initially launched in 2018, the HiBy R3 garnered widespread acclaim from…
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HiBy has introduced the latest iteration in its entry-level Hi-Res audio player series, unveiling the all-new HiBy R3 II. Initially launched in 2018, the HiBy R3 garnered widespread acclaim from users worldwide and was widely regarded as one of the finest Hi-Res audio players available in the $200-250 price range. Over the past five years, HiBy has continued to refine and expand its product line, introducing iterations such as the R3 Pro series. With the new R3 II, HiBy aims to enhance the already fantastic performance of the R3 by introducing new and improved functions and features. While the R3 II retains the sleek and ergonomic body of the original model, it now incorporates a convenient volume wheel for easy volume control. The R3 II encapsulates the essence of the original R3 but represents a complete redesign from the inside out, promising enhanced functionality. Today, we’ll delve into the details of the upgrades that the R3 II brings to the table! The HiBy R3 II is officially released today for just 179$, which seems like an interesting price. It is available through official retailers worldwide.

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Latest Generation Dual DAC Arrangement:

At the heart of the HiBy R3 II lies a significant improvement, a premium dual DAC arrangement. While the original R3 featured a single DAC configuration, the new R3 II takes a leap forward by integrating dual ES9219C high-performance DAC chips from ESS Sabre Technologies. This enhancement results in elevated clarity and resolution when decoding high-resolution PCM and DSD audio signals. It promises substantial improvements in performance, with enhanced Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), Dynamic Range (DNR) performance, and lower distortion ratings. The HiBy R3 II is rated to support high-res 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signals.

4.4mm Balanced Connection Debuts in the R3 Series:

Another notable improvement in the HiBy R3 II is the upgraded balanced output connection. While the entire R3 series, including the R3 Pro models, previously featured a 2.5mm balanced headphone output port, the new R3 II breaks from tradition by incorporating a 4.4mm headphone output port. This shift aligns with the industry trend toward 4.4mm connections for balanced audio options, as 2.5mm has become increasingly uncommon.

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Enhanced Amp Section for Greater Maximum Output:

High-output power is a fundamental requirement for portable devices to effectively drive in-ear monitors (IEMs) while on the move. HiBy has upgraded the internal components of the R3 II to provide a robust output capability, delivering up to 380mW of clean power to drive your IEMs with ease. The R3 II is an excellent choice for everyday users.

Larger Battery, Extended Battery Life:

The HiBy R3 II boasts a 25% larger battery than the original R3 Music Player, now housing a 2000mAh battery that delivers an improved battery life of up to 16 hours on a single charge. You can indulge in hours of uninterrupted music enjoyment with a single charge.

Wireless Streaming Functionality:

The R3 II is equipped with HiBy’s proprietary HiByOS Operating System, offering wireless streaming functionality that supports AirPlay, DLNA, and Tidal Qobuz (with both apps pre-installed).

HiBy R3 II-3

HiBy has meticulously engineered the R3 II from the ground up, integrating advanced chipsets to deliver high-quality performance. The player retains its classic, sleek form factor. With the new dual DAC arrangement, increased power output, and the introduction of a 4.4mm balanced output connection port, the HiBy R3 II stands as an exceptional music player well worth your consideration.

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