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Great Sound At A Budget: Top IEMs Under 100$

Audiophile hobby might seem expensive or costly since every other person is recommending only the costly gears, gears that cost as much as 300$ at the very least. But let…
Best IEMs Under 100$

Audiophile hobby might seem expensive or costly since every other person is recommending only the costly gears, gears that cost as much as 300$ at the very least. But let us assure you, you can get great sound on a budget too!! Yes, you heard that right, you can get a great sound without going bankrupt or emptying your wallet, we are talking about the best sounding IEMs one can buy for under 100$ price bracket only!!

Our Video Blogger Timmy Vangtan posted a video on Gizaudio YouTube yesterday where he listed six of his favorite best-sounding in-ear monitors that come easy on the pocket. Let us tell you, Timmy has experienced TOTL IEMs too, he has personally experienced all of these IEMs where he found these performing quite nicely for their asking price hence they are in his recommendations list. We will be presenting his thoughts, his recommendations in written form with this blog, so without any further ado, let’s begin!!


This list is completely made by Timmy based on his own experience with all the said IEMs. We have slightly adjusted a few points for better clarity in the written form. Do follow our channel on Youtube for regular videos related to HiFi audio gear. You can also check his Video on the same from the link below.

Whizzer HE01:-

Price: 79.99$.

Whizzer HE01-1

Whizzer HE01 is an excellent IEM coming in at just 69-79$ based on where you purchase it from. It is a very well-done V-shaped sound with good bass and treble regions. The mid-range is not too much recessed that one loses too much clarity in the mid-range frequencies. These are good for any musical genre out there but for those of you who are looking for something specifically for Vocal-centric or instrument-based tracks, these might not be the best for you. Whizzer HE01 is a fun-sounding pair with slamming bass response that complements genres such as EDM, Rock, Pop work better on these.

You can purchase it from here.

Thieaudio Legacy 2:-

Price: 99$.

Thieaudio Legacy 2

Thieaudio Legacy 2 is the second most favorite IEM of Timmy in the whole Legacy lineup with higher-priced Legacy 4 at his most favorite from the series. Legacy 2 has a neutral sound tuning, great for pretty much any genre of music. For all of those audio lovers who are looking for a neutral-sounding IEM at a budget, the Thieaudio Legacy 2 is a fantastic set. It is very much natural sounding and is easy on the ears making it an ideal choice for long listening sessions. 

Tripowin Mele:-

Price: 49.99$.

Tripowin Mele

If you love bass, warm sound with a thick lush instrument sound, the Tripowin Mele is made for you. Tripowin Mele has an excellent sub-bass extension with good detail retrieval. An essential IEM if you love listening to your favorite music with an elevated lower-end response, we assure you you will love the Tripowin Mele. Following Timmy’s words, Female vocals might not sound best with the Tripowin Mele, for everything else, it’s an excellent set with lush sound.

Tin T3 Plus:-

Price: 69$.

Tin T3 Plus

Tin T3 Plus is a mildly V-Shaped IEM with a really good lower-end presentation. Mid-bass with T3 Plus is simply amazing. The midrange is also pretty decent with the T3 Plus, it’s neither too recessed nor it is overshadowed by elevated bass or treble frequencies. The pair retrieves decent micro-details for its price, the only takeaway with the set is that it lacks spaciousness and has an intimate presentation but that’s just nitpicking with this brilliant set. Absolute bliss for an attractive price that doesn’t break your bank at all.

Purchase it from here.

Tin T4:-

Price: 99$.

Tin HiFi T4

Tin HiFi T4 is an absolute favorite for Timmy under the 100$ price range. This set has an excellent presentation full of energy and clarity, especially in the female vocals is just amazing. The pair has one of the best presentations for vocals in this range. It has a well-balanced sound where nothing will feel overpowering rather has a smooth presentation that complements different genres of music.

Purchase the Tin HiFi T4 from here.

Moondrop Aria:-

Price: 79$.

Moondrop Aria

Moondrop Aria is the top recommendation from Timmy in his Best IEMs list under the 100$ price segment. This is a well-tuned IEM that delivers an outstanding sound performance. It has great levels of detail with slamming mid-bass, produces a spacious soundstage with a good sense of airiness. Aria is a versatile pair the can be used for any genre of music, it just sounds perfect.

Purchase the Aria from here.

Honorable Mention, IKKO OH2:-

Price: 79$.


IKKO OH2 is a fairly new pair of in-ear monitors that Timmy received just 2 days back. It has a well-balanced sound that has the powerful lower-end of the flagship OH1s from IKKO but presents a smoother, inoffensive treble region. Overall, this pair has a surprisingly good level of detail and resolution for the price point. A full review on OH1s will be posted by Timmy on our YouTube channel soon.

Purchase the IKKO OH2 here.

This closes the list of the top six best sounding IEMs under the 100$ price bracket by Timmy. This article and his video are made specifically for people who think that good audio is not available at the budget segment. Each of these IEMs delivers quality performance that hits way above their offering price. In case you haven’t checked out the video by Timmy, check it out on our YouTube channel here.

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