Fiio Product Lineup Plan for 2020!!

Last year Fiio has released several great products including their Fiio M11, M11 Pro, M15 DAP’s, just to name a few. The brand has released its plan for the expected…

Last year Fiio has released several great products including their Fiio M11, M11 Pro, M15 DAP’s, just to name a few. The brand has released its plan for the expected 2020 product line up as currently planned by them. They are working on several new products which include a new beginner level DAP, Portable Amplifier, Portable Bluetooth Receiver, and much more which we will be telling you about today.

Fiio is widely known in the Chi-fi audio industry for its amazing product range in almost all kinds of audio gears. Whether it is DAP, IEM, Portable AMP, or more. Fiio has its products in all these categories and also at almost all price ranges. Their product range starts as low as a 60$ DAP and goes up to around a 1300$ for their flagship DAP. The newly announced projects are currently in progress. There is a minor possibility that there might be some changes or some delays depending on the situation. But this latest information by the brand at their Weibo surely tells us the future plans from them.

1.Portable Player Lineup:-

Fiio released three mid-high end level players last year, including their M11, M11 Pro, and M15, and it’s actually not long since these powerful DAP’s came into the market. So this time the brand is focusing on the beginner level of digital audio players. They are currently working on an upgraded model of their M3K, which will be called Fiio M3Pro. The DAP is going to be a practical DAP with no smart screen feature just pure sound experience, the brand denied any future update plans for the Fiio M6, M9 players.

2.Portable Amp Lineup:-

Fiio announced that they are working on a portable amplifier probably called the Fiio Q3, which will be filling the gap between the Fiio Q1MK2 and Fiio Q5s. The brand also said that future upgrades for this line up might be difficult as the market for portable amplifiers is getting smaller day by day. This might be due to the DAP market getting huge and powerful outputs directly through the DAP.

3.Portable Bluetooth Receiver:-

Fiio has planned to release an upgrade for its entry-level Bluetooth DAC/AMP, the Fiio BTR3. It will be called the Fiio BTR3K, which is going to be released in the near future and details will be available shortly. The brand is going to keep the BTR5 as its current high-end Bluetooth receiver as it is already in short supply. If they try to release an upgrade for this it might conflict with their portable amplifier Q5s.

4.Desktop DAC/AMP Lineup:-

The brand is working on a high-end desktop DAC/AMP system, the Fiio K7. The K7 will be having a THX amplification circuit so you can expect a very powerful device. It is going to be available as an upgrade for K5 pro. It will be expensive than K5pro.

5.Mobile Hi-fi Player:-

Fiio is currently researching for a new form of player. This is going to be bigger than your regular digital audio players. There is no certainty about the main control unit or screen as of now. The brand is currently researching and observing the market to finalize some designs and concepts for this product.

6.Earphones Lineup:-

Fiio is going to release a six BA driver IEM, the Fiio FA9 in April this year. The brand also has plans to release a multi-driver hybrid Fiio FH9 IEM later this year. The F9 series will be discontinued and a new FH3 series is also coming soon. The FH3 will have some expected updates over the F9 series. Also, the brand is trying to bring the Fiio EM5 flat earbuds this year, if the buds get delayed due to any reason. They will be canceling the product as they have not received good market demand for the same.

Fiio also has plans to release some other products in its accessories line up, but they have not announced them yet. But from all the products that they have announced, they surely look interesting. We are looking forward to a glorious year for the audio industry with some amazing products from them. We already love their previously launched products, even a Fiio M11 pro is our current DAP. The brand has given a time frame of one to one and a half years for all these to come out.

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