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DUNU SA6 Review

Personal Impression Here’s the punch-line for anyone looking to skip the details. If you are looking for an impeccably-tuned neutral signature, SPARKLY yet SMOOTH treble, excellent vocal clarity, and $550…

Personal Impression

Here’s the punch-line for anyone looking to skip the details. If you are looking for an impeccably-tuned neutral signature, SPARKLY yet SMOOTH treble, excellent vocal clarity, and $550 is your budget, buy these. 

DUNU SA6 is one of those IEMs that gave me the rare goosebumps and chills down my spine reaction. I’m thoroughly impressed with how they executed the treble. It’s amazingly sparkly with no harshness. The level of brightness of the treble gave my entire library of music a new life. Every song sounded more lively and energetic than ever before without any drawbacks from ear fatigue. I’m sensitive to overly bright treble and usually would stay away from IEMs of that nature, not with these. I can enjoy the breathtakingly fun and beautiful signature of these IEMs for endless hours. I’ve even fallen asleep while listening to these. Simply put, these are a top-tier pair of IEMs that’s worth a listen and a purchase. 

Sound Breakdown

Let’s break down each aspect of the DUNU SA6, starting from the bass.

The bass is not for bass heads. It’s not powerful or punchy enough to give a physical sensation outside of your head. If you turn on “bass boost,” it noticeably increases the bass, which might be enough for most listeners, but still not a bass-heavy pair of IEMs. For myself, I prefer the original sound with no bass boost.

What it does lack in power, it makes up for in extension. Sub-bass reaches far, and on certain tracks, you’ll be able to feel a soft rumbly sensation in your shoulder or chest area. Turning on “bass boost” amplifies this experience. 

Bass clarity is excellent, with no muddiness or bleeding into the mids.

Every note hits with distinction while embodying a smooth overall appeal.

Mids and vocals are clear and tuned excellently. Male and female vocals sound nearly identical to how they would be singing in the same room as you. Female vocals also feel fuller and more attention-drawing with the powerful treble presence mentioned earlier. Instruments like strings and horns also play beautifully and with a great sense of authority and shine.

Vocals will feel slightly recessed. However, it doesn’t sacrifice the emotional intimacy you get from each vocalist. It’s not Blessing 2 Dusk’s level of intimacy, but it’s undoubtedly still well presented.

The key player that makes these IEMs a must-own for me is the treble. I can go over it again, but it might be good enough to re-read the first paragraph a few times instead. It’s beautiful, smooth, sparkly, and it compliments the midrange performance brilliantly. It’s the only pair of IEMs that I’ve tested that embodies both the exciting aspect of treble while maintaining a safe and versatile signature that anyone can enjoy.

Technical Performance

Details and separation are great, nothing to complain about at this price. It’s not a Unique Melody MEST type of detail, but no one is excepting it to be that. These are a third of the cost, and for that, it performs exceptionally.

Imaging and soundstage can use some work. Imaging is just okay, you can pick out the general area in which each instrument lives, but it’s not anywhere near a precise placement. The soundstage is not narrow but not what I would consider wide. It’s still an in-your-head experience for the most part while occasionally venturing a step wider on certain tracks.

The Good & The Bad

The Good

  • It’s a safe and versatile sound signature that’s tuned exceptionally well to sound natural and work with nearly all genres of music.
  • It has beautifully done vocals, especially female vocals.
  • Treble is simply spectacular, the best I’ve experienced for my taste and sensitivity.
  • It’s very comfortable to wear for hours. I’ve worn them to sleep.
  • Interchangeable plugs allow you to run balanced (2.5mm or 4.4mm) or unbalanced.

The Bad

  • The bass may not be to everyone’s liking. It can use a lot more power, especially in genres that need it (EDM, Rap, etc.). 
  • Imaging and soundstage are average at best for the price.


If $550 is a bit hard to swallow, the closest signature to these at a lower cost would be the Blessing 2 Dusk from Moondrop. At $330, it has vocals that are equally as natural with a touch more intimacy. Bass is more impactful on the Blessing 2 Dusk as well, and the treble is also safe though not as sparkly. What you’ll be sacrificing the most with the Blessing 2 Dusk would be the technical performance, mainly in overall details. 


I’ll simply be echoing what I mentioned at the beginning of this article. If you want a sparkly yet smooth treble experience that adds life and excitement to your library without a HINT of possible fatigues, buy these IEMs. Unless you’re searching for a total bass monster, these IEMs are an easy recommendation. Simply one of the most enjoyable I’ve listened to at any price, and for $550, it’s a great purchase.


This DUNU SA6 is a personal unit purchased from hifigo.com 

All opinions are my own.

Author:Timmy Vangtan

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