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DUNU SA6 MK2 Review (Comparison VS. SA6 & Ultra)

In a world where IEMs come and go, the original Dunu SA6 has managed to defy the odds and remained one of the most loved IEMs in its price bracket.…

In a world where IEMs come and go, the original Dunu SA6 has managed to defy the odds and remained one of the most loved IEMs in its price bracket. But despite being highly praised, it still has flaws that have kept it from claiming the top spot in its price range. Enter the SA6 Ultra – a near-perfect version that addresses all of the issues of the original. Alas, only 300 units were made, and what was supposed to be the long-awaited upgrade ultimately left those who missed out craving yet again.

Now, the anticipation is finally over with the release of the SA6 MK2. A version said to surpass even the Ultra. Will it deliver on that promise? Let’s find out.


General Information

Driver Configuration- 6BA

Price- $579

Overview & Comparison

The SA6 MK2 is largely similar to the Ultra version, and even Dunu has stated the MK2 takes heavy inspiration from the former. But before we get into that comparison (mostly because you can’t buy the Ultra anymore), let’s compare the MK2 to the original SA6. The MK2 has improved midrange balance and smoothness and a significant boost in treble air which makes the MK2 noticeably more detailed and information-rich than the original. The bass remains essentially the same. Now for the burning question, is the MK2 better than the original? The answer is a resounding yes. It’s an upgrade in nearly every way. Better midrange, treble, details, and naturalness. If you’re looking for an upgrade to the SA6 and just missed your chance with the Ultra? Look no further than the SA6 MK2.

Now for those who already own the Ultra, is it worth taking a look at the MK2? This answer is less clear and more dependent on your taste. 

The MK2 builds on the Ultra’s smooth midrange with some notable changes. The MK2 has more bass and treble air than the Ultra and a slight upper-midrange reduction, giving the MK2 more of a “V” like sound than the Ultra. Now, I wouldn’t call the MK2 a V-shape IEM (mild V-shape at most); it’s just more V-shape when compared directly to the Ultra. The apparent improvement is in the air region, as more treble air makes the MK2 sound more detailed than the Ultra. Instruments are sparklier, and details are more forward while retaining the Ultra’s smoothness. The bass is where most will decide based on their individual taste. If you feel the Ultra lacks mid-bass slam or is too “mid-centric” for you, I recommend switching to the MK2. If you prefer midrange over anything else, then stay with the Ultra. Again, the only clear upgrade is the MK2 sounds more detailed than the Ultra. 

PS: The MK2 in stock mode has the same bass as the Ultra in bass mode. If you own the Ultra, you can test whether you prefer the MK2’s bass. Now, the MK2 in bass mode has EVEN MORE bass (of course). 

Sound Signature

Now that we have satisfied the SA6 fanbase, let’s talk about SA6 MK2 for those who have never experienced the SA6 or Ultra. 

The SA6 MK2 is a mild v-shape IEM with incredible balance across the frequency band and near top-tier detail delivery. Let’s explore MK2’s sound, starting with the bass. 


The MK2’s bass is strong, with a good mid-bass thump. Though it lacks the dynamic feeling of a decent dynamic driver, it delivers good bass for BA standards. Besides being powerful, the bass is well-controlled, with only a slight hint of warmth creeping into the lower mids. Usually, too much warmth can cause mud, but that’s not the case here. The midrange is still clean, just a bit warm, which some prefer over an entirely clinical lower midrange. 


The MK2 has a tamer ear gain, or some will call it “anti-shout,” which is very appropriate. The midrange is smooth and natural, without a hint of shout or thinness. Its focus on the lower midrange pair with an upper midrange reduction makes for a soothing and full yet natural listen. Besides the Harman-like or IEF-type midrange, this is the only other style of midrange I genuinely love. The same midrange is also in other versions of SA6 and some QDC IEMs, and even compared to those IEMs, the MK2 has one of the best implementations. The midrange does feel slightly behind the bass, but that’s up to individual taste if it’s a con or a pro. 


The treble is my favorite part of this set. It’s airy, sparkly, and highlights a lot of micro-nuances without coming across as harsh. It’s not the smoothest treble out there, I can think of several IEMs with a truly smooth treble response, but the MK2 is not far behind. One step down from top-tier smoothness, but easily one of the most information-rich treble for its price. 

Technical Performance

Details in the MK2 are abundant, almost to the point of being too much, and some may think so. Because the detail is presented very forwardly, some people who are more sensitive to treble might feel overwhelmed or “distracted.” But for those seeking technicalities in this department, you’ll be delighted with the amount of information thrown at you from the MK2. 

Regarding note definition, the MK2 is above average; it’s not end-game level incisiveness overall, but not less than similarly priced competitors. 

Quick-Fire Comparisons

In this section, I’ll quickly compare the MK2 to other relevant IEMs in its price bracket, plus the other SA6 models. 


Overall Tuning: SA6 MK2

Details: SA6 MK2


Overall Tuning: SA6 ULTRA

Details: SA6 MK2

SA6 MK2 VS. Moondrop Variations

Overall Tuning: Tied

Details: SA6 MK2

SA6 MK2 VS. Mangird Xenns Top

Overall Tuning: Tied

Details: SA6 MK2


To answer the question at the beginning of the article. Does the SA6 MK2 deliver as a true upgrade to the original SA6? Again, the answer is yes. If you need an upgrade to your old SA6, this is it. Aside from that, is it a competitive IEM for its price? Again, the answer is yes for the same reason that made the Ultra such an excellent IEM. The MK2 shares those great Ultra qualities with more or less improvement in certain areas. In conclusion, Dunu not only delivered on its promise to the SA6 fanbase but also made an IEM that’s highly competitive in its price—simply another homerun for team Dunu. 

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