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DUNU is making a triumphant return to the earbud scene with the introduction of their latest creation in the “Alpha” series – the all-new DUNU Alpha 3. The Alpha series…
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DUNU is making a triumphant return to the earbud scene with the introduction of their latest creation in the “Alpha” series – the all-new DUNU Alpha 3. The Alpha series first caught our attention in 2015 with the debut of the Alpha 1, a remarkable set of earbuds featuring a sizable 16mm woofer driver and praised for its balanced sound profile. Now, in 2023, DUNU presents the Alpha 3, a flagship-level flat-head earbud boasting a 14.2mm large dynamic driver unit. DUNU is breaking conventions by incorporating a striking metallic earbud cavity design. The craftsmanship and precision put into this pair, utilizing top-tier components and innovative architecture, results in unparalleled audio performance. Immerse yourself in superb music quality with the exceptional comfort of the DUNU Alpha 3. The DUNU Alpha 3 is now available for a captivating price of only $79. These are now available worldwide.

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Equipped with a substantial 14.2mm dynamic driver unit on each side, the latest Alpha 3 by DUNU showcases a Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) diaphragm professionally designed to be lightweight yet rigid, ensuring enhanced performance and minimal distortion in the output signal. Meticulously fine-tuned by DUNU’s experts, the Alpha 3 delivers remarkable sound clarity and robust bass response. A unique feature of the Alpha 3 is the inclusion of a multi-channel acoustic vent architecture. This innovation incorporates multiple air vents strategically placed at the back of the earbuds, enhancing air pressure management and facilitating swift movement of the driver diaphragm. This translates to enhanced comfort and reduced distortion in the audio output.

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The DUNU Alpha 3 exemplifies the brand’s meticulous craftsmanship through its precisely crafted stainless steel and aluminum alloy ear cavities. The sleek black finish is adorned with the DUNU logo elegantly engraved on the back of each shell. Designed to enhance low-frequency performance and dynamics, the acoustic cavity structure boasts a specially designed inner cavity to minimize standing wave reflections. The thoughtful venting further enhances lower-end performance, resulting in exceptional sound delivery that harmonizes perfectly with various music genres.

DUNU Alpha 3-3

DUNU has equipped the Alpha 3 with a premium-quality cable, tailored for optimal performance. While the cable is not detachable, DUNU ensures top-tier quality by incorporating a single-crystal copper silver-plated Litz cable, available with either a 3.5mm or 4.4mm termination option. Users have the freedom to choose their preferred option upon ordering.

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At just $79, the DUNU Alpha 3 is an enticing proposition. This release revitalizes DUNU’s presence in the international earbud market, offering a seamless blend of captivating sound delivery and comfortable design. Elevate your music experience with the polished audio performance and ergonomic design of the DUNU Alpha 3.

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