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BGVP DN3 IEM Review: Clean, Crisp, & Natural!!

BGVP Acoustics, commonly known as BGVP is among the regular leading players in the HiFi audio market. They are the manufacturers of high-resolution in-ear monitors with multiple successful products under…

BGVP Acoustics, commonly known as BGVP is among the regular leading players in the HiFi audio market. They are the manufacturers of high-resolution in-ear monitors with multiple successful products under their name such as the multi-BA DM8, the EST tribrid NE5, and more. The latest addition to their collection is the DN3, an affordable dual-driver hybrid earphone featuring a 10mm dynamic driver and a customized balanced armature driver. The dynamic driver here is said to have a beryllium-coated diaphragm. I remember their previous DN2 got into a lot of controversies due to the Beryllium diaphragm being advertised with it, hoping all that is sorted now. Today I am going to share my review and impressions of this latest pair of IEMs by BGVP. So before wasting any more time, let’s begin.


A Bit Of Introduction:-

DN3 is the third installment in the DN series of hybrid IEMs by BGVP equipped with a classic dual-driver configuration of a Dynamic with Balanced Armature driver. The pair is launched with an option to choose our preferred termination plug option with an in-line mic variant for the 3.5mm plug too. It is an affordable set of high-res IEMs by BGVP priced at just 75$, but is it worth the asking price? We are gonna find out today!!


This unit of DN3 is sent to me by BGVP as a part of a review tour being organized here in my country. The impressions in this review are completely my own based on my own experience with the pair. If you are interested to buy BGVP DN3, It is available to purchase for 75$ with Hifigo.

Unboxing BGVP DN3:-

BGVP DN3 comes in a traditional BGVP packaging design, a cardboard box with a white slip-on cover. The slip-on cover has a colorful image of the pair along with the BGVP DN3 branding logo and Hi-Res audio logo on the front. On the back here we have the technical features of the pair in both English and Chinese languages. There’s also Brand’s address printed at the back of the slip-on cover. The strange thing here is that the internal packaging box smells like candy. Yes, it smells like candy. IDK who perfumed the packages though lol.


Coming to the main inner cardboard box where the pair sits firmly into a hard foam cutout segment along with different sets of ear tips. There’s an envelope here that has some documents like a user guide, warranty card, and more. The included cable and a carry pouch are packed inside a small box located at the bottom side of the package. The package of BGVP DN3 is simple and elegant. It is very similar to other products by BGVP such as the DM7 and Zero.

Package Contents:-

>One set of BGVP DN3 earphones.

>One 3.5mm cable with in-line mic.

>Carry pouch.

>Three pairs of vocal ear tips.

>Three pairs of bass ear tips.

>One pair of memory foam ear tips.


Design, Build Quality, & Fit:-

In terms of design and feel, the DN3 earpieces are a great looker with a premium finish. The earpiece has a solid metallic build, designer aluminum face covers making it eye-catchy and attractive. They use standard MMCX connectors with a red ring around the connector on the right side. The pair is quite small and ergonomic. An air vent is located at the face cover area to manage the air pressure inside. No complaints here in the design and feel of the earphones, they have a rich and premium feel to them with their sturdy metallic build.


While the earpieces look perfect, the cable here could’ve been improved. I have a 3.5mm terminated cable with an in-line microphone. The cable has a rubbery outer shield that just doesn’t match with the premium metallic build of the earpieces. I am not sure whether the without in-line mic variants have a different cable or not. This cable has memory hooks near the connectors. The connectors have red and blue markings on the right and left sides respectively.


With small, lightweight, and ergonomic shells the pair provides an extremely comfortable listening experience. The only issue with me is that the earpieces are smaller for my medium-sized ears and I get only average isolation from environmental noises. Though using one size larger ear tips has helped in this situation, I use normally M-sized ear tips, but with the DN3 I used L size stock vocal series ear tips.

Driving the BGVP DN3:-

DN3 isn’t a demanding set. It can be driven easily straight off your smartphones without any trouble. I used it with my Samsung Galaxy S6 lite Tablet straight off its 3.5mm headphone socket with a volume level of just 55-60%. Using it with other powerful sources such as a hi-res player or a dedicated DAC/AMP surely brings more improvements in dynamics such as staging, layering, and extensions to the output. For the purpose of this review, critical listening is done using Shanling M3X music player and XD05 Bal DAC/AMP. M3X powers it adequately at just 25-30/100 volume on low-gain mode, while never had to go above 1/9 volume on the XD05 Bal(low gain). 


Sound Quality:-

BGVP has tuned the DN3 for a fairly neutral signature with a slight emphasis on the upper mids portion. The pair has a quick, punchy bass, natural mids, slight forward vocals, and a smooth treble response. IDK whether it is the Beryllium-coated driver or what, but I loved the smooth punches in the lower end with the DN3. They are not overpowering or boomy by any means, rather have a refined presentation. Vocals can easily be the main attraction or main con with the pair. DN3 has a forward presentation for vocals, that makes them on the verge of shoutiness if listened at loud volumes. At safe volumes, they are pretty well-detailed, rich, and have a nice natural tonality to them. The Treble portion here shows good detailing but has a bright tone. If you ask about the overall resolution and detail with the DN3, the pair produces excellent resolution with great overall clarity considering its price.


Love some punchy bass? DN3 will satisfy you with its quick, fast-hitting slams and decent enough sub-bass rumble. It complements the other frequencies well enough to have a fun factor with the pair. Don’t come expecting bass head level quantity, expect a refined, well-textured bass, Quality over Quantity I can say.


BGVP has tuned the pair with a slight emphasis on the upper mids portion. Mid-frequencies show rich detailing with a natural tone throughout the range. Both the acoustic instruments, vocals have a brilliant presentation. Both male and female vocals are brilliantly detailed and rich in tone, with emphasis on the upper mids they are presented forward too. This can be good as well as bad, good because the texture, the details of vocals are damn perfect, bad because they get shouty at louder listening levels or sometimes are too into the face. Personally, I who am a damn craver for decent vocals loved the presentation(I don’t listen at loud volume level, so the presentation no shouty issue for me). Different instruments such as guitars, pianos, show good details.

Treble/High Frequencies:-

DN3 manages to provide you good detail retrieval with a good sense of energy with your music. I love this energy tbh, the presentation even though is bright shows no signs of hiss or sibilance, at least for me(I personally feel as sensitive to harsh treble). But yeah, it punishes bad recordings with an upfront presentation for them. Detailing, instrument separation is quite good, the pair doesn’t sound congested at all.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

DN3 has an average soundstage width with a good sense of height and depth. The pair provides ample space with good separation characteristics for different genres of music. No, I don’t find it congested even for complex tracks such as In The End by Linkin Park, Californication by RHCP, and more.


Some Comparisons:-

BGVP DN3 vs Moondrop Aria 2:-


Two IEMs around a similar price segment. Aria 2 features a single dynamic configuration while the DN3 has a two-driver hybrid config. Here’s my take between these two:-

>Aria 2 has a smoother treble with a more open sound.

>DN3 has a better bass response both in terms of quality and quantity here.

>Aria 2 has a more neutral signature among the two, DN3 has a slight bit of emphasis on the upper mid-portion.

>In terms of build both are quite good for the earpieces, but I like the cable with Aria to be better. The looks and design of DN3 are better(personal opinion).

>Vocals have a better tonality here with the DN3.

Overall I can say, Both are good at their own respective places. If I have to choose one among them, I would choose DN3 as I like its punchier presentation for myself.



BGVP DN3 is available at an affordable price tag of 75$. It is quite good for the asking price with its decently neutral and slightly forward signature. I love its refined bass texture, its energetic response, and rich vocals. Yes, treble has a bright tone to them, but it doesn’t sound harsh or fatiguing for me, for treble-sensitive people the case might be different. Apart from that, a decent product available at a decent price.

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