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7Hz Timeless Review: Is This The Best Planar IEM Out There?

7Hz Timeless is the latest feature of the month regarded as the “Best Planar IEM” by many users. I also gave into the hype of the “Best Planar IEM” and…
7Hz Timeless-12

7Hz Timeless is the latest feature of the month regarded as the “Best Planar IEM” by many users. I also gave into the hype of the “Best Planar IEM” and ordered myself a unit about a month back from HiFiGo. 7Hz, pronounced as 7 Hertz is a fairly new brand founded recently in 2018. Timeless is the fourth IEM in their arsenal after the i99 flagship, i88, and i77. It features a 14.2mm large planar magnetic driver with an ultra-thin diaphragm and double-sided neodymium magnetic structure. Timeless is priced at 220$, let’s see if it’s worth the asking price and lives up to the claim of “Best Planar IEM” or not!!

7Hz Timeless-1


I bought the 7Hz Timeless with my own money, got some discount from HiFiGo in return for this review. I am not affected or paid by anyone to write a positive or negative opinion on the said product. All the impressions in this blog are completely my own based on my own experience with the pair over the past few days. If interested you can buy it from HiFiGo from the link below.

7Hz Timeless-2

Unboxing & Accessories:-

7Hz packs the Timeless in a plain white cardboard box with a black cover on it. The black cover has the branding logos along with an image of the earphones on the front and technical specifications on the back. Inside we have an exquisite metallic earphone case that has our earphones along with the cable, an envelope with a warranty card, and quality certificates. There’s a small black box that has several pairs of ear tips and an extra pair of replacement filters for the ear nozzle. That’s all about the package and accessories that we have got here. I bought the 4.4mm termination variant, so I have got a 4.4mm cable.

7Hz Timeless-3


>Pair of Timeless earphones.

>One 4.4mm terminated cable.

>Metallic carry case.

>Total of nine pairs of silicone ear tips(Three pairs of black, Three pairs of blue, & Three pairs of white).

>One pair of replaceable nozzle filters.

Design, Fit, & Build:-

Timeless has a very unique design to its earpieces. They are made up of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum alloy material with a circular form factor. At first glance, it looks like it might not be the best fitting one out there due to its big, circular face cover, but it gives no issues in fit. The circular face covers have a finished brushed metal look with 7 Hertz Timeless printed at the bottom side. The earpieces have a full metallic build that gives the pair an exquisite feel and finish. Proper venting is done with four air vents on the inner side, three near the MMCX connectors and one near the nozzle. In terms of design & build, the Timeless is a stunning pair with a supreme finish and a different than regular design.

7Hz Timeless-4

One of the best things in the accessories here is the included earphone carry case. It is a full metallic case with a rich brushed metal finish. It can be used to carry our pair around with the stock cable and a few pairs of additional ear tips safely. The cable here has an outer silver foil wire shielding and a 4.4mm termination plug(One can choose between 3.5mm TRS or 4.4mm TRRS while ordering). Cable is well-built with a 7Hz branded metallic casing around the termination plugs. The connectors here have a rounded shape for an easy & comfortable fit.

7Hz Timeless-5

In terms of fit, I find the stock tips to provide a good fit for me with average isolation. The large-sized earphones gave no issues in a proper fit for me(medium-sized ears). Best fit and sound is with a good set of Foam ear tips(I used Comply with the pair). Sad part here is the pair doesn’t sound good with any of the included ear tips, they all give it a V-Shape presentation. 

Driving The Timeless:-

Timeless stands strong at just 14.8Ω impedance and 104dB/mW sensitivity. It is fairly easy to drive considering other Planar IEMs/HPs I have tried to date(Tin HiFi P2 and Hifiman Sundara). I drove the Timeless well off my Cayin N6ii A01 module where it is adequately loud at just 30/100 volume levels on high gain mode. The synergy between these two is clean with no noticeable background noise or anything. Currently, the N6ii with A01 is my only source with Bal 4.4mm port, so I couldn’t check the pair with other sources.

7Hz Timeless-6

Sound Quality:-

Planar’s usually open up after a good burn-in period. For the Timeless, I gave the pair a continuous playback from my music library for over 100 hours before starting my critical listening sessions.

During my first listen with the Timeless, It reminds me briefly of Hifiman Sundara that I sold recently. It’s like delivering a respectable sound like Hifiman Sundara in a portable form factor. 7Hz Timeless produces an impressive lower end with a fast, punchy presentation. The Mid-bass slams are precisely good with a good body and texture. Sub-bass has good extension. It is not overly bassy tuned in fact Timeless has a well-controlled presentation with more emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Midrange produces its charm with rich, detailed vocals.

7Hz Timeless-7

Both the male and female vocals show good clarity with a natural tone. Acoustic instruments have good detail and body to them. They can be separated easily even in complex tracks. Though mid-range takes a step back and sounds slightly recessed. The treble region has a slightly bright tone to its presentation, no it’s not fatiguing rather brings an energetic factor to the output. Also, Timeless is highly dependent on the choice of ear tips you pair with it. The planar driver inside Timeless produces a high-resolution output that brings out good details in our music with good clarity and precision. Dynamics such as Staging, Imaging, and Layering of instruments are above average for the price segment.

Lower End:-

Timeless produces a tight, punchy lower-end presentation. The pair maintains a good balance between mid-bass and sub-bass with good slams and powerful rumble. It goes deep with good extensions and shows good clarity. But don’t expect a boomy, overpowering bass with the Timeless. I am a lover of Planar bass where you get smooth slams dropping in with every beat, and the Timeless here delivers just about that. The lower end has a slightly elevated presentation here taking a step ahead in the overall output. The pair complements Electronic, Hip-hop, and other genres that benefit from a fast presentation.


With the Timeless, the midrange clarity and tonality are simply top-notch. Both the male and female vocals have a brilliant presentation. They sound natural and tonally rich, listening to Damien Rice’s “The Blower’s Daughter” brings so many emotions to my mind. “Heartbreak Warfare is also a pretty dope track that the Timeless presents beautifully. Each instrument in the background along with John Mayer’s soulful voice leaves its impact every time I listen to this track with the Timeless. Acoustic instruments such as Guitars maintain good air around the strings in the presentation. Their note detailing and presentation is also up to the mark for the price segment.


7Hz Timeless has got an energetic high-end with good detail and a smooth, non-fatiguing tone. The pair extends well in the treble section too with excellent non-sibilant presentation for Electric-guitars, Flutes, Violins, and other instruments. I was listening to “Tu Hi Re” by A.R. Rahman where the flute starts at around the 1:35 mark that has a brilliant presentation with the set. If you listen to rock or heavy metal music(artists such as Linkin Park or Opeth), Timeless is a good companion for you as it produces good details in complex tracks such as Californication by RHCP and more. No noticeable fatigue or sibilance with the 7Hz Timeless.

Soundstage and Imaging:-

7Hz Timeless has good soundstage width with a good sense of air on the stage. I personally feel the depth of the stage could’ve been a bit better other than that no issues as such. Dynamics such as layering, imaging, and positioning of instruments are pretty good and perform above average for the price segment.

Ear Tip & Cable Rolling With The Timeless:-

As I stated earlier in this review, the stock ear tips give no issues in terms of fit, but they are not the best-sounding ones with the set. So I recommend doing some ear tip rolling. All stock tips provide a good fit with average isolation but they make the sound go highly V-shaped. For a more balanced and natural presentation, I recommend using the Foam tips with the pair. I used stock Foam Ear tips from my collection(I don’t remember with what IEMs I got these, but they make the pair sound wonderful. Another great pair to try with the Timeless is the stock ear tips of KBEar Aurora. Including the image of both the sets below.

7Hz Timeless-8

About cable rolling, I don’t have much in my collection for MMCX cables, also the included hybrid cable is pretty good. Though I tried Timeless with Pure Silver cable of my Shure SE846, the presentation is balanced with good punch and energy. The treble brightness is nicely controlled with this cable, so I will recommend using a pure silver cable with Timeless. Sorry for its bad looks, but the SE846 I have is quite old.

7Hz Timeless-9

7Hz Timeless Vs Tin HiFi P2:-

I had the P2 earlier this year that I sold after a few months of use. But I have a good memory of how it sounds, here’s my comparison between these two(Image of P2 is from my collection).

7Hz Timeless-10

>P2 had a produces better resolution.

>Timeless has better punch, with good overall clarity in the output.

>P2 had a much brighter signature, Timeless is also bright but can be controlled easily with Foam ear tips(Also not bright to the level of P2).

>P2 was super hard to drive, like to bring the best out of it we need a desktop-grade amplifier, Timeless is fairly easy to drive directly via a DAP or USB DAC with a smartphone.

>Timeless has its unique design and aesthetics to please us.

>P2’s timbre and tonality were way off in comparison to the Timeless, Timeless has a natural presentation.

7Hz Timeless-11

A Few Final Words:-

7Hz Timeless is a pretty good performer with its large Planar diaphragm. It sounds like Sundara sometimes with its good punch in the lower end and magical midrange. Coming to my initial questions with which we began the review today, Is it actually the “Best Planar IEM”?? Indeed, 7Hz Timeless is a masterpiece for its price segment. Yes, it may have its own flaws such as bright sound with the stock ear tips, slightly bigger earpieces, but once you get a hold of the Timeless, you are in for a good time with the set. I am glad I pulled the trigger for Timeless when I could as it has now become my daily driver.

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